Terrified Neglected Dog Turns Super Sweet | The Dodo Adopt Me!

Terrified Neglected Dog Turns Super Sweet | The Dodo Adopt Me!

This dog couldn’t stand to be touched — now he LOVES to cuddle and is looking for someone to snuggle with forever!

For information on adopting Rocko, you can contact Contra Costa Animal Services: https://thedo.do/adoptrocko. Special thanks to Officer Tony Oliver for sharing this awesome rescue video with us: https://thedo.do/hybrid.

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  1. What a bitching dog whoever gets that one’s going to be lucky I hope they take good care of it give it to love that it deserves

  2. Me: * makes the fantastic choice (notice the sarcasm) of watching a horror movie on a rainy night with thunder just before sleeping* Me: *need to try forget the movie* So i’m watching this 4:42

  3. I would like to personally thank you the adopters for taking them both to be part of the family. May God bless you ferever and ever. I was crying when I saw Mink sleeps without worried. And now I am happy both of them are in good hands. Thank you hopeforpaw and teams, you have saved two innocent girls from harsh life. 5:44

  4. They didn’t show the part where the rescuer picked up the dog with the rope around its neck to put him in the truck.

  5. My heart sank when Eldad thought he was dead… These animal’s are so lucky to have their lives touched by people like you guys. Seeing their bodies strengthen and their spirits lift day by day is so heartwarming. Thank you for what you do! ❤ 4:47

  6. It’s amazing how humans can treat a animal. Why? I’ll never understand it. I would really love to toughen the laws

  7. I’ll never understand how anyone can abandon a pet, much less two tiny ones who are so sweet! 3:45 – the most adorable thing ever! I am so proud that I send you money every month. Life is so stressful, but being involved in your rescue gives me so much happiness. Thank you, Hope for Paws!! 4:56

  8. That officer was an amazing person, the right one for such a difficult and stressful job. Kudos to him and all who helped that poor dog and turned his life around.

  9. Please comment in your information section on how to adopt one of the Pit bulls. Their total demeanor changes to one of trust and love. Their facial expressions turns from sadness to one of a joyful smile. And Pitties have a great smile!

  10. Ive watched your rescue videos and im loving the way you say “halo” to the dogs, so pure and gentle and im sure paws knew that youre just trying to make friend with them. 2:46

  11. He has a precious face and eyes that reflect a beautiful soul. But come to think of it, they ALL have beautiful souls.

  12. I hope someone who’s a handyman or in construction could donate his/her expertise in fixing the wall for free. That way, the money saved could be used to rescue other animals. 2:59

  13. Awwww…..that’s so sad. He was so scared & in pain but once y’all got him he knew he was gonna be ok. Happy ending yay !

  14. There is NO such thing as a bad dog, just bad humans that make them act certain ways. I’m so glad that sweet baby got another chance at life. That goes for all animals too

  15. Dodo – please give us updates on the stories of any animals you tell us about that need adopting. A Happy Ever After type series? Or sadly, if the animal is still needing a home. Check up on your stories about 6 months after you run them and give us the chance to celebrate happy endings, or do more to share the stories still awaiting theirs. What do you think? Could you do it? I know we all want to know what happens!

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