Testing Out A Doggie Haul From WISH #7

Testing Out A Doggie Haul From WISH #7

Omg Paco was so cute in this. I could not get him to go in the tent but that’s ok. He can be kinda picky with houses. I’ll keep trying. Hope you enjoyed this video!

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  1. So darn cute and he knows it and works it, lol that raincoat is a great idea, I had something like that for mine, he didn’t like modeling it, you are going to like him going out in the rain, or should I say he will liked not getting wet from the rain, they never want to go out in the rain, I have to push him out anyhow, lol I know you don’t have this but the snow is one of the worst things also, lol the
    Bow tie is super cute,blue snuggly thing aah little ones are to cute the tent I wish I could have bought stuff stuff like that, but mind you he got his fair share of stuff lol I bought display things from Target thought I was crazy, what was I going to do with the little tiny tent, did I scoped out that, and I had to wait over 6 months, and then they didn’t know how much to charge me, I got it for $2 lol lol , it was before things were big about dogs. It was constructed really good but it was supposed to be for people but miniature size for doggy lol

  2. Hi Paco my friend looks like mom got you some great things I know my puppies take a while getting used to a new house. You have to move your own furniture in and stuff. Thanks Melissa. EPR and hashtag to ten k is looking closer.

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  4. I gotta say Poko did not look impressed with that raincoat – he looked like he was thinking "you really want me to wear that!?" Very good tempered little dog I must say.

  5. Hi there. First I have to say that I like your channel very much. You are authentic and don’t pretend. 1000 thumbs up. I saw your little dog on your first Wish Haul. A really cute little man. I myself have 9 dogs and I also buy a lot of dog toys from Wish. They don’t play with most because they prefer to play with each other. And your daddy first. He is a real one of a kind as we say here in Germany. Keep your channel going and stay as you are. And show your little Paco often in front of the camera. How old is Paco ??? Paco is a little cute dog. LG Sylvia

  6. Oh my gosh! I just add found your channel. I have a Paco chihuahua too. Similar color too. Looks about the same age. Love him to pieces too.

  7. Sorry but I noticed you had a cleft lip fixed I noticed these things as I was going to be a surgeon but didn’t have the hands for it

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