The 2 Questions

The 2 Questions

This vlogs shows the 2 questions businesses are allowed to ask as well as examples. Sorry it came out way creepier than I intended it to be!


  1. Are you still going to use your futon? I so love the meeting your dogs and Timber makes me smile when I think of him what a great dog

  2. I have an idea for a video. you could tell a story of you or a friend that got denied access and tell what to do when it happens

  3. I thought it was excellent! I can tell you are obviously playing with the technology and that is great too – I’m impressed. I think you delivered the message in an informative and easily understandable manner – I hope others learned something too!!

  4. I know this was done like forever ago bit I though it was good, I actually got treated so bad with my first self trained service dog, that I got rid of her. But I got a dog from the pound who miraculously on his own picked up where my first left off other then public training but I was and am still scared to take my dog with me except for when I’m going to be gone for a weekend and my husband wont be able to be with me like he would at a store or something. ūüôĀ

  5. If my dog is a PTSD Service Dog and I don’t want to tell them that, can I say Medical Alert Service Dog? And as for the tasks, can I say DPT, ?

  6. I love your videos, and they helped us prepare a lot for my son’s service dog (which is now part of our family!), but could I ask you to please not have that high pitched sound at the beginning of your videos? ¬†It’s really hard on people with certain sensory perception issues such as my son and I have. ¬† Thank you!

  7. I love animals, and I fully support service animals, but there is a woman who always brings her little dog into a restaurant that a frequent, the dog doesn’t act like a service animal, but she badgers anyone who questions her about it. The dog consistently generates complaints and gets on the table and eats food off the woman’s plate. Again I FULLY support service animals, but I think this woman is a fraud and unfortunately she intimidates anyone who tries to question her by screaming ADA laws…. I personally have never even complained about her, but I hear it from the staff… I just hate phonies, I wish there was a way to call her out, like they do in stolen valor videos…

  8. I have a general question. My friend has a very small dog that performs a medical alert( she "chirps" for seizures). This dog has never been formally trained but always performs an alert. Can she simply bring this dog with her anywhere since there are not official documents required?

  9. @ellie the Ana girl wouldn’t it be considered a psychiatric service dog then? You could always say "he helps mitigate my disability" if you feel any other reply would reveal your condition or disability.

  10. What do i say for the tasks??
    I have aspergers and panic disorder, my dog can provide deep pressure therapy, find my family, and find exits or any other sort of help, should i need it

  11. The thing that is hard for me is not talking to, interacting with or petting a service dog. Damn it there needs to be a cuteness level above which dogs can’t be service dogs. Thanks for the Video, My wife works at a school & the district just sent down a NO dogs in the schools (with no mention of service dogs)¬†My wife will send this video up the chain of command¬† and asking for training prior to implementing the new rule. : )

  12. Is there any way they are avoiding fake service dogs? It seems too easy for someone to bring in any well-trained dog and pass it off as a service animal. Is it a big issue?

  13. Girl… you even look good in mustache. Your work is excellent, no need to apologize for it, that’s for sure. ¬† I enjoy your videos they are very informative.

  14. Could anybody point me to some good resources discussing the pros and cons of the idea of implementing a legal form of registering and licensing service dogs? I’m curious about this issue and wish to learn about it.

  15. What do you do if they ask further questions? How do you say "you cannot ask that" without seeming rude. How do you explain the certification thing, cause most people seem to think that those are valid?

  16. Great job, not creepy at all. Nice information about medical alert as this is a problem when people ask for more information then need to know. Don’t wear the medical alert symbol as alot of question with that. Also people need to remember not all disabilities are visible that requires a service dog to alert medically.

  17. Thank you so much for your awesome videos. I have quite a bit of medical problems and I’m slowly losing my ability to walk so I’m looking into getting my dog trained as a service dog, He pretty much does a lot already. Seeing your videos has really helped me ALOT. Not being able to walk like before and having to walk with a walker or sit in a wheelchair has been hard but seeing you smile and having fun has made such a big difference with me. I’m finally excited for the training. Keep the videos coming! And thank you again for being totally awesome!

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