The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet

The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet An integrative wellness veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker discusses her best-to-worst recommendations for diets for dogs and cats and explains how to improve the quality of the food you feed your own pet.

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  1. Wow! You talk so fast I have to constantly rewind :O) I have the "Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats" book, but in it it says that if we have a dog ‘who need limited ingredients…the mineral and fat balance of this plan will not be adequate…’ One of my Yorkies suffers from Pancrititis. Would the recipe book be inadequate for him as well?

  2. the wrong meeting stores worries me dogs in nature would kill their prey and then eat it immediately . meat in stores is not as fresh,

  3. i only feed my dog and cat dry food but they have water so doesnt that make up for the moister? i feed them both nutro natural dry food, should i avoid grains in their food?

  4. Sorry but your cat got sick, was taken to the vet and somewhat recovered.
    But when promptly returned to your home and again got sick?
    Sounds like there is more to the story.
    Old food from the neighbors feral cats?
    Are the feral cats otherwise healthy?
    Could there be something in or around your home that can contribute to the illness? Did something change?

  5. 1st comment shud bin, do u think raw diet can eliminate dysplasia even tgo it is genetic trait of mastiffs, i hav bin very careful 1st yr of her life not to gain alot of weight, also was careful not to exercise too much approx 5-10mins exercise per mnth she is,so 5 mnths 25-40 mins walking or 15-20 runnin about,i do giv her cod liver oil n chrondatine supplements,wish had thought about crushed bones for calcium,hopin her diet csn prevent ir reduce dysplasia,as it wud break my hear,luv her so muc

  6. I been feeding my cats Indigo Moon Solid Gold brand dry food. It is holistic, my cats gobble it up and they appear healthy. As for the dry food dehydration issue… I don’t see it. I keep a bowl of fresh (changed twice a day) filtered water available always. They lap it up as needed. But yes, I do agree that homemade is best. There are some good YT videos on homemade recipes and definitely NO supermarket dry pet food.

  7. good point, but what then can we do? living off the land like the Amish would be the best but thats just not feasible right now! any other suggestions?

  8. @phillyhippie Yes avoid grains, blue buffalo wilderness is a good way to go, it is the same price wise as nutro from my understanding and can be bought at petsmart or petco

  9. It gives your dog diarrhea cause the dogs system goes into shock from moisture content. Meaning it’s used to straining to digest dry food. Introduce it slowly, mix some in the dry and increase it slowly overtime. It will eventually stop.

  10. Yeah, it will help with the moisture part, but just remember that kibble is still processed so not the best.

  11. the raw meat in stores worries me, yes wild dogs will kill their prey and eat it immediately, store bought meat isn’t quite that fresh and after all the handeling it could be contaminated. isn’t that why we cook it first?

  12. What do you recommend feeding if a cat his crystals? One of my cats had crystals and ended up blocked but I REFUSED to feed the vet Rx diet (and I work for a vet) I continued feeding the dry I was feeding (Evo) but I added A LOT of water to the dry and added in canned and didn’t have issues afterwards.

  13. Very informational. Thank you for dedicating you time to put this video together. Nice to hear a vet that loves her career. I wished that you were in Miami.

  14. I personally have my dog on a raw meaty bones diet (with supplements since I won’t feed veggies). Less then 2 years ago, he was morbidly obese at 26 pounds, had no energy, and completely BROWN teeth. Now, he’s 8 years old and is in such good shape that he’s often mistaken for a Doberman puppy (he’s a JRT/Min Pin). He also has far more muscle mass for his size then any other dog I’ve ever seen.
    Quite frankly, a balanced raw diet saved my dog’s life.

  15. Their digestive tracts are not like ours. They are shorter, highly acidic so that they can melt down a raw bone to nothing, and not susceptible to the bacterias that would ace us with a quickness.

  16. Dogs were never designed to be vegan. Maybe vegans should grow a pair, or just not have dogs and cats as pets. Because not feeding them what they were designed to eat is going against nature.

  17. It is misleading to group cats with dogs in this video without pointing out very important differences. Cats are obligate carnivores, they MUST have a high meat diet. That meat must be raw or must be CAT food which has TAURINE added back in to it that is destroyed by cooking. Humans and dogs don’t need to ingest this amino acid as the liver makes it from others. Cats are very different to dogs.

  18. can you tell us how to feed them better? i try to feed them meats, fats, bones,and organs. and i just try to keep them at a even ratio. Is that okay?

  19. Vegan food either contains warnings that the animals can die or it has tiny text saying that the freeze-dried veggies are only supposed to be supplemental, and that meat should be added. Having worked with animals all of my life, I have never seen a dog or cat thrive on vegan food. They have to be switched back and then the companies cop out because of the tiny-print warnings that most people don’t bother to read.

  20. didnt you hear her? raw is better. my dog’s tempermant has gotten so much better with in the last month of feed him raw and i have had for for 12 years, hes going to be 13 this month. i fed him poison( kibble) for the 12 year his life. your dog will enjoy it much better and he will love your more!

  21. I have a 2 yr. old Yorkie, right now he seems to be scratching and biteing his feet. He has never done this before. I give alot more attention to him. Just incase he is bored. But, I really think that it,s his food. My little fella is not feeling to good these days. Could you can recommend a healthy food with everything in it? So I can stop this itching. Then i,ll take him ti his vet. Money is really tight these days. I,m so happy we have Dr. Mercola. Answer asap please.

  22. There are many pet food cookbooks out there. Some where you cook the homemade food and some where the homemade recipe is left raw. Of these cookbooks, how do I know which ones are offering balanced homemade recipes?

  23. I just rescued a Chipom., she is 2.5 lbs. I had her on puppy chow and Nutra small breed can food and she has gas really badly. What is the best brand of human grade can food for puppies? Thank you!

  24. @mettaliccasux Both purina and science diet are low on protein content too, hell blue buffalo is better infact much better then either

  25. No they are opportunistic Carnivores, which means they eat mostly meat but will consume vegetation such as gut content from their prey. Corn is not a proper protein for dogs or cats.

  26. …..i kno it will def help and giv the best chance for the dog, i hav been ever so careful with my dogue de bordeaux in the 1st year of life not to feed to much so to keeo her weight dwn whilst her bones grow n strengthen,now she is 13mnths i am feeding her very well n tryin to giv raw diet all the time as financially possible,i hope i havemt undernourished her in 1st yr, i did feed a lower protein high quality complete dry food,jus didnt feed excessive like sum do to get big macho dog…….

  27. Your videos are very helpful, thank you. I am also trying to be self aware of what I feed my pets, but I, like many have the right intentions but are mislead or uneducated. Definitely learned a lot from this video, I am starting to feel like I will never find the right "dry dog food" for my pup, probably better off to feed him actual meats huh?

  28. Dogs and cats will thrive and live 25-30 years thats a lie raw food is okay but maken them live longer thats another story and it has nothing to do with the dog food

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