The Best And Worst Hot Dogs To Buy At The Grocery Store

The Best And Worst Hot Dogs To Buy At The Grocery Store

Are they weiners, frankfurters, coneys, weenies or just hot dogs? No matter what you call them, you definitely know a great dog when you taste one. Here is our ranking of hot dogs that can be bought in a grocery store, from worst to best.

While Bar-S has sold the most hot dogs in America every single year since 2006, it’s not because everyone loves them. Rather, people buy Bar-S brand because they are almost always the cheapest hot dogs available. If you’re feeding a bunch of hungry kids, you might as well go with the cheapest ones around, right?

If you taste Bar-S Classic Franks without any condiments on top, you’ll find that they are legitimately terrible. From their wretched smell while being cooked in the microwave to their filmy texture once they enter your mouth, you will regret going the cheap route when you eat these hot dogs.

You probably bought these hot dogs because you thought you were going the healthier route by eating turkey. While it can be argued whether these hot dogs are actually healthier than the ones made out of beef or pork, what you can’t deny is how absolutely bland Jennie-O Turkey Franks taste. After you take a bite, you are greeted by virtually no discernable flavors. Then the meat just starts disintegrating in your mouth.

Jennie-O claims that their turkey franks have 40 percent less fat than comparable beef franks. While that may be statistically true, they also have about 99 percent less flavor.

Watch the video to learn more about the best and worst hot dogs to buy at the grocery store!

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Bar-S Classic Franks | 0:15
Jennie-O Turkey Franks | 0:53
Eckrich Cheese Franks | 1:26
Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Uncured Franks | 1:55
Ball Park Original Beef Franks | 2:37
Wellshire Sugar-Free All-Natural Beef Franks | 3:13
Sugardale Hot Dogs | 3:42
Applegate Naturals Beef Hot Dogs | 4:07
Boar’s Head Uncured Beef Frankfurters | 4:40
Dietz & Watson Deli Beef Franks | 5:14
Sabrett Skinless Beef Frankfurters | 5:44
Hebrew National All Natural Uncured Beef Franks | 6:10
Nathan’s Famous Angus Beef Franks | 6:39


  1. The best hot dogs I’ve ever had in a restaurant is at Dog Central in Mount Pleasant Michigan. They are proprietary but are very close to the hot dog that used to be sold at old Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Made by Dearborn Meats. They grill them just for starters. The toppings are incredible. They have the only Sonoran dog I have ever found this side of the Mississippi. They have Chicago, Detroit, Phili, Carolina, Seattle and the Sonoran dogs because after all, they are Dog "Central" And, the dogs are all about $3.50 or so. Incredible.

  2. I won’t eat any of this stuff. I will eat sausage like Lo or decent Polish Kielbasi with the right mustard and/or horse radish

  3. If you looking to eat the best hotdog in the world go to Manhattan New York. I promise you they have one of the best hotdogs you’ve ever had in your life ❤️

  4. The only hot dog I ever eat is when I’m at Katz’s. Simply the best. Hebrew national (lite) in a pinch. Nathan’s is terrible.

  5. Thumann ….natural casing the best…….available……my uncle made the absolute best dogs at his plant in Brooklyn back when…..Thumann comes closest.

  6. I agree, Hebrew national and Nathan’s Angus are the best hotdogs, and you can get the most anywhere in America. Hebrew national are the best thing for a smoker They pick up a lot of flavor on the grill.

  7. What about Black Bear (natural casing for that crunch when you bite into them). Applegate is another "healthier" hot dog brand that’s really good tasting.

  8. Pretty good list of packaged hot dogs. Missing are hot dogs like Pearl and Saugy that are from the deli counter and are better than any of the dogs wrapped in plastic.

  9. The truth comes the next morning on all foods.If it does not make a good turd… Do not waste anymore $$$$$ on it..

  10. Fork in the road, mighty good dogs. They most likely can not be found in a regular grocery store. We get them at Whole Foods.. Even Vienna beef dogs, aren’t even in the same class as fork in the road, mighty good dogs.

  11. The Golden Rule …. If it’s "skinless" DON"T Buy. Use only "Natural Casing".
    Why is it that Vegans who detest beef & pork have an obsession with grinding up Turkey to look like Hamburger, Ham, Bacon, Hot Dogs, etc. ????

  12. We have a brand in Maine which is Kirschner, natural skin, they’re awesome..I like Nathans, but just to salty.

  13. You missed a couple of companies. Best is very good. Vienna is almost as good as Best. Chicago hotdog company, run by former Vienna owner’s son makes hotdogs like his dad, the best hands down.

  14. "These hot dogs are made from grass-fed beef" she says as they wrap cold cuts and bacon around the hot dog.

  15. Costco’s all beef dogs are pretty darn good, especially the ones at the store, wish they still had the polish ones too

  16. Oscar Meyer and Ballpark went downhill to become barely edible. I used to love nathan’s but now they’ve cut the weight. I never got the hype being Hebrew National either. Dietz and Watson and Philly Franks are still good though, thank God.

  17. The old brand "Plumpers" that are no longer made were the best ever – People think they are Ball Park today but are not – Number 1 seller and Homel just stopped making them

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