The Best Pets For Kids

The Best Pets For Kids

Quick information about the best pets for kids, with pros and cons of each pet. This video includes guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, rats, bearded dragons, ferrets, hedgehogs, dogs and cats.

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Please understand this is not a care video.
Please watch these videos to learn more about care.
Guinea Pigs
Bearded Dragons

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  1. I really want ferrets and am willing to put in the effort because I know they are a lot of work, but my parents don’t want me to have ferrets. What are some ways to convince them ferrets are great pets?

  2. I used to have Guinea pigs. I miss them but i was allergic to there hay. I don’t know what to do because I miss them so much. Any suggestions??

  3. I used to have 4 rats but one of them kept fighting the others eventually he bit them al dead until he was alone felt bad he was alone but i just could not get him another companion after what happend so i left him by himself in his cage until he died
    Still wonder why he was so aggresive his cage was cleaned daily daily food and water and they where in a big cage double critter nation i believe its called
    Any ideas why he did what he did ?

  4. I’m mom will never every let me get a guine pig it’s what I really want for the past 4 years I am ten I am ready for it but she says ‘oh your to young’ or ‘what will u do with it when your on holidays’ I now I sound like a brat but I really really really want one

  5. Honestly, I think hamsters are horrible pets for kids. I’d absolutely advice to go for rats instead of hamsters because they are way more social, easier to handle, you can play and cuddle with them and they will somewhat adapt to your daily schedule.

  6. When I was looking for a pet and saw the bearded dragon I Immediately knew that he was the right pet for me and now I am a proud owner of a bearded dragon

  7. I need help I’m getting a pet soon! I need to decide so help please.
    Like for bunny
    Comment for ferret

  8. Guys, can anyone help me? I want a pet that will be very friendly, but the problem is I have school, and I only have 4 hours to play with them. What would you guys reccomend?

  9. I dont think young kids under 12 should have rats personally because I don’t think they can provide them enough things to do and play with! Rats are a lot of work to kind of keep them happy and I don’t think kids parents would want to buy them absolutely everything they would need. I do have a pair of female rats though and I LOVE them!

  10. I don’t think that very young children should own rats because they are very demanding of attention and need at least an hour of free roam every day. They can also get very expensive for vet bills as they are more prone to respiratory issues. I am 14 (which is still a kid) but they are completely paid for by me: vet bills, food, toys and the cage. When they are babies they can be quite runny but as they grow older they do tend to settle down but still are not as patient as rabbits and other small animals.

  11. I have 21 rats and their lovely!!!! Their so sweet and most will just sit on my shoulder while I do stuff. DO RECOMMEND❤

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