Where does fur come from? How is it acquired? In part one of this mini-series we’ll explore the cruelty in the fur industry, looking at conventional fur farms and also the wild animals that are killed for their fur – and the environmental and ethical impacts of this outdated fashion choice.

You can donate any fur coat to a local animal sanctuary so rescue animals can use it as bedding.


  1. I wish the people who did these horrible acts to these helpless animals would suffer the same fate. I would honestly fucking laugh if I saw that one day.

  2. Can we write a letter to the government to stop it? Or let’s find home address of these murders.

  3. i’am against fur and the whole production of it.
    but you used the most horrible clips you can find!
    it could be less cruel then this. so people stay to watch it till the end.
    and also there are good fur farms to. who do take care of there animals like other farmers.
    there are also bad (monsters) farmers that have animals for human consumption. like cows chickens horses pigs fish shrimps dogs cats bugs or what ever animal they eat in a country.
    but what i hate about the fur industry they only use the skin not the meat or bones.
    I’ts only used for luxery…. and just like hunters with a animal head on the wall sorry I don’t understand it and never will! the same with royal family’s here in europ and fames people wearing fur! use fake fur if you like that style/image not real fur!
    and as long people buy it…. it will never stop just like drugs you can make it illegal but if people wanted it they get it some way or another look at cocain how that’s made! that’s destroying the amazonriver and around it! bruce parry has a good docu about that river and what is happening. sooo sad

  4. This is honestly so disgusting, I don’t know how people that work in the fur industry go with their everyday life knowing that this happens to innocent animals.

  5. I heard that cleaning and curing the fur for clothing does not get rid of the animals’ diseases, and fur sellers would lie to you about that to make money!

  6. Just raid their factories. If millions of people do it all at the same time, no one can do anything. If you can’t get them by words, use brute force.

  7. That dead dog you are wearing will eat that pet dog you are walking. Also a trapper by law has to check his or her traps every 24 hours. Plus I have caught my hands in these traps they don’t hurt it just holds the animals till you get there. My state has been over run my coyote so bad that we fear for our pets life, and I have seen coyote start eating there prey while it is alive and trying to get away. You should be ashamed of the lies you are telling.

  8. What If we are all being reincarnated if that were the case we better hope its not true or else we will be killed and mutilated by humans even in our animal reincarnated forms

  9. Hey Ed or anyone else, what is your opinion on legal hunting. For me, I am a hunter, but I am definitely against the abuse shown here.

  10. This is actually a blatant lie:
    WWD broke the story: an AR group actually PAID farmers to live skin the animals for these videos.

    It literally makes zero sense for a farmer to risk cutting himself and damaging the pelt.

  11. Hold on I got an idea….

    For fur coats use *h u m a n s k i n a n d h a i r*

  12. Even though I like fur (yes I said it, take a hike and read this before you attack me) as a fabric, I believe it should be gathered only from animals that are hunted for habitat preservation and food. We all know that too many of one species eventually ruins the habitat for other species. That and invest more money in making high quality fake fur. Recently bought a coat that has fake fur, it looks pretty good and is just as warm. This? These people? getting hanged drawn and quartered isn’t even enough. They should be put in the same type of imprisonment, 10 people in a 2 square mtr cell then given the same treatment as these animals. Yes, even the same treatment of the dog, which is just like the raccoon video. Someone paid the trader to do this to make a video showing "how bad fur trade is". The fur was most likely discarded as doing that alive causes many dangers to both the animal (in terms of cruelty when alive) and the trader. When an animal becomes stressed they tense up which potentially harms the fur and even the meat if used for food. Not to mention the harm that can be done during the struggle to both animal and trader.
    In actual, quality fur farms (not these barbarian, hellish eastern types) animals are taken care of rather well. (or as well as you can expect, as in the basics) because they know the value of quality fur. Fur that’s been stained in any way, be it blood, fecal matter or even noxious gas is near worthless. It makes the difference between a $350 coat and a $3500. Do we need fur? In the most extreme cold environments where people don’t have access to synthetic material? Yes. As fashion? Not nescessarilly, as I said, make it more expensive and only from habitat preservation or food and put money in quality synthetic fur. Attack me if you want, I have done my research and hereby rest my case.

  13. When a new* permaculture lens is applied to this topic, evolution defines what is possible. Case in point: A farmer is raising yak. Said farmer treats the animals amazing. The animals have a great life. The animal dies. The farmer respects the totality of the animal, as in life, and mimics beneficial microbes (study a little Elaine Ingham).

  14. OMG this was more horrible than I ever imagined. So corrupt and brutal, how could anyone cause so much unbelievable suffering. Shameful and disgusting. We have to stop doing this to innocent animals. Tell everyone you know to stop buying/wearing fur, please.

  15. I can’t believe this , this is not a human being all this for money fk money if she can do this to people . What did the animals made for , to Treated like this ? Ha tell me all this for a pice of shit we call it money .

  16. oh my god, why do they have to use animal fur? there are many option yet they choose to wear something that needs sacrifice of a living creature. Human started to end the world by killing and destroying for satisfaction, i’m scared but i’m a human

  17. The videos of animals being skinned alive have been proven to be staged by animal rights groups, it would be way too hard as well as illegal to skin an animal alive.

  18. Wow we really messed up, but no matter how many things we do, the earth we ruin, the animals that we cause for them to go instinct. Lol Im so sorry if this doesn’t make sense, Im like tearing up while typing this, sorry

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