The Dog Care Guide For Dog Owners To A Healthy & Happy Dog: Online Pet Course Coupon Sale & Discount

The Dog Care Guide For Dog Owners To A Healthy & Happy Dog: Online Pet Course Coupon Sale & Discount

Are you a first time dog owner? Are you a dog lover? Do you want to know what can harm your dog? Do you want the best for your dog?


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then this is the dog course for you! This dog care course is focused on you and your dog.

This dog guide course is constantly expanding as more dog lovers have questions about the care of their dog. This course includes: puppy tips, various dog breeds, dog grooming, positive reinforcement dog training tips, different pet supplies you should have in your home, importance of ear cleaning, what your dog’s teeth can tell you, introduction to trimming your dog’s nails and so much more.

In this course, you will have Tatiana Ambrose and Nicole Brown as your instructors. Tatiana has worked in different dog fields such as: dog stores, dog grooming, dog training and at a veterinary clinic. She currently owns 3 dogs of her own and fosters puppies for a rescue until they are placed in a forever home. Tatiana has partnered with Nicole in this course, who is a licensed veterinary technician, with over 15 years of experience with dogs and cats. Nicole will cover the veterinary related topics that most people are curious about such as: dog ear care, signs your dog may have an ear infection, parasites in dogs, and your dog’s dental health.

Together, Tatiana and Nicole want every dog lover and dog owner to have the proper dog care guide when it comes to raising and caring for your dog to ensure they live a happy and healthy life!

This dog care guide course will always be up to date and is checked every 24 hours to ensure every dog owner get’s their questions answered in a timely manner.

So if you love dogs, enroll today and let’s start learning about what can affect your dog’s health and happiness so you can enjoy your furry best friend for years to come.

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