The Most Abused Aquarium Fish! Top 10 Abused Fish! 10 Things!

The Most Abused Aquarium Fish! Top 10 Abused Fish! 10 Things!

Keeping an aquarium is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there and if you’re watching this video you’re one of those crazy people like me that obsesses over making sure you’re doing the right thing for your fish.
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  1. Both are absolutely right and those pet stores are not in favor of properly informing you. Sell and forget IT and people and their ignorance and lack of knowledge and effort. The video was raw and not sugar coated like most of this planet in the business side of things. I am new to this and I was given 5 fish that are orange and white not sure what breed. I asked but she forgot. She gave me a 20 gallon tank. I have a bubble maker and not sure what else is needed. I am researching. I just don’t want to get caught up in the game of see and buy. I want a simple honest way and inexpensive supplies to CARE for these fish. I see them no different in receiving an adequate life style as I give myself. Care, comfort and nutrition. Thank you for the truth and frankness. Great job in the video.

  2. When I was younger, I kept two goldfish in a five gallon tank. they lived well enough and I tried to keep the tank well-cleaned and filtered with changes every other week, but as I did my research on fish I learned they needed MUCH more space. Let’s just say I’m doing my best to rectify my behavior with my betta in its thirty five liter tank with proper filtration and some real plantlife.

  3. I remember there was a teen complaining about straws at a McDonalds meanwhile they cramped Blue Tangs in a teeny tiny tank. Kid, I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here.

  4. I’m obessed with my goldfish right now he’s a black moor I’ve been waiting to get one for more than half my life but have never had enough space but now do. They defiently need just as much love an care as a dog or a cat

  5. My local fish shop is actually really good they wouldn’t let this woman buy a goldfish because she had a small tank and they have literally no dead/sick fish. The Bettas are kept in 5 gallon tanks

  6. Blood parrots are pretty cute in my opinion, maybe it’s just my "taste" of fish.(i don’t mean i eat fish, i just have my own little style lol)

  7. I actually have about 6 feeder fish , i bought them because they were 20 cnts eeach..i have a 30 gallon tank and they got reealy big..i think i need a bigger tank to house them. + i have 4 gold fish iin there????

  8. The sad part is that 99 percent of the time these situations could be prevented if people like me and you were selling these fish instead of someone with no experience no knowledge no care and no love for the outcome of these beautiful creatures. My local PetSmart has several people that work the aquatic area and two personally have told me they have never kept fish of any sort on there own.

  9. Feeder fishes are the result (or reject) from selective breeding of ornamental fishes. What I mean is people who buy fish for feeding other pet fishes are the last stage for these fishes and should they be treated as mean folks? Are not those who promote the production (breeding, sale and keeping) of ornamental fishes more guilty of this? When you look at a beautiful ornamental goldfish (say an Oranda, Double tail, Ranchu, Shibunkin, etc) think also of the thousands of other of its sibling disposed of for not making the "cut". Personally I find feeder feeding expensive and unnecessary. But the moral blame should be on ornamental fish buyers, sellers and breeders.

  10. @Calamity Natalie What? I think it depends on the kid. I have a 54 gallon freshwater tank that’s been doing amazing! It’s been so colourful and lively for like 2 years now and I’m 12 years old. I do agree that most (not all) kids (I’m not trying to brag) would let go of the responsibilities or not research what they are getting. At the end of the day, I really think it depends on the kid.

  11. I may or may not be slowly buying only feeder fish and nursing them back to Heath and giving them to people who ik for a fact will take care of them because I checked there tank and food to see if it’s up to my standards of a good new home for my fish…..

  12. My parrot Cichlid is a mix of a yellow lab and something red I don’t know what it is though I think it’s a red sevrem

  13. I bought a feeder fish today to keep my current gold fish company because his mate died…..I feel like a saved a life….and she is a beautiful comet

  14. Suppose i breed a betta now what do i do with the fry when they become aggressive. Should i keep them separately in 5 gallan tank.

  15. I’m getting an arrowana soon, any advice? I think lots of people buy them and mistreat them, and I want to give mine her best life

    I am also rescuing a feeder goldfish and attempting to get him back to health and then rehome him to someone with a pond, I do this a lot

  16. Actually aside from seeing bettas in horrible condition in some LFS, I also very sad seeing feeder goldfish cramped in a tank, the bigger the tank the crowded the tank was. I know fish needs to eat other fish but this feeder goldfish also needs attention imagine a human raised like them what will you feel about it?

  17. African dwarf frogs should definitely be on the list. I know they are technically amphibians but… They are sold with fish all the time. And I feel like people are very mislead and not many people, including pet store employees, know how to actually care for them.

  18. I have 8 better in a 1/2gallon and upgrading them with more money I rescued them and we are upgrading them slowly but surely

  19. My favourite fish is Oscar
    And who put Oscar with decorations because Oscar is already the most beautiful fish in the world

  20. Finding Nemo
    “That movie has honestly killed more fish than anything else on this planet“
    How about commercial fishing or people.

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