The MOST BEAUTIFUL animal sanctuary in Toronto – DOG TALES RESCUE

The MOST BEAUTIFUL animal sanctuary in Toronto – DOG TALES RESCUE

The MOST BEAUTIFUL animal sanctuary in Toronto – DOG TALES RESCUE
I went to the most beautiful animal sanctuary in Toronto called DOGTALES RESCUE. This is a massive property with horses, dogs, cows, cats, donkeys, ponies, sheep, pigs and chickens. I wanted to do something like this for a very long time and after overcoming the obstacles in my business and buying a car, I was able to add this to my life.

Since filming this video, I have been volunteering on a weekly basis and every single time has been bringing my life more joy, excitement and gratitude.

Watch the full videos for the most beautiful video I put together of some of these precious animals.

The point of this video really was to inspire each and every one of you to do more things for yourself that bring you purpose and happiness. Things that give your life meaning and value. Things that make your life worth living. I hope you enjoyed this video and it melts your heart to see all of these beautiful animals.


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The MOST BEAUTIFUL animal sanctuary in Toronto – DOG TALES RESCUE


  1. I am also totally obsessed with this concept and this place. It is SO amazing they rescue so many animals, even entire shelters (that’s how I got to know about them). I found out about them a few years ago and immidiately wanted to go visit. Unfortunately, I live in a centre of Europe so it was not possible at that time. Nevertheless, dog tales stayed in my mind hidden for years and was popping out from time to time. I used to work in a shelter in the city where I grew up and the conditions there were really poor. Fortunately, years later city government finally heard us and funded a new, proper place for the animals. I moved out eventually and had a little break exploring the world but now I am ready to follow Dog Tale’s steps, just locally for know but then, who knows.. 🙂 Finger crossed !
    I find your way of thinking really close to mine so I’ll keep watching. Peace and love. 🙂

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