The Most OUTRAGEOUS Bridal Requests | Say Yes To The Dress US

The Most OUTRAGEOUS Bridal Requests | Say Yes To The Dress US

Randy talks through some of the most OUTRAGEOUS bridal requests from Say Yes To The Dress US. This includes a wedding attire for the bride’s dog and a wedding dress to play hockey in!
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  1. That last girl’s dress was super cute and was the almost exactly the vibe i was going for before just deciding on a black and red prom dress for the ceremony. I will also be wearing shoes like that. I can totally vibe with her choice of outfit.
    I did think the red showed a bit too much at the bottom, and the veil was too much, but that’s just me being picky. She looked beautiful, especially because of how happy she was.

  2. These professionals are so stupid make the dress a little short from the bottom make the skirt part loose put straps on her dress thick ones oh my God these people are stupid

  3. I feel when you go wedding dress shopping the parents should just agree with the bride it’s her and her husband’s day

  4. that last bride looks like a 12 year old is being forced to get married. i mean it looks cute, but for a 4th grader.

  5. I wore kate spade sparkle keds to my wedding. My dress covered them though. I dont think being comfy in sneakers is trashy. Lol

  6. The one in the blue and white dress. I understand that it’s a stressful time but I hope she apologized to the consultant for that comment.

  7. wtf there is no "GOWN" MEANT FOR PLAYING ICE HOCKEY IN. Get married in leggings if playing hockey on ur wedding day is so important -.-

  8. “I would like for Gabby to wear something that makes her feel special too.”
    Translation: I would like to make my dog feel uncomfortable out of a self-centered desire to treat her as an object that I can project upon.”

  9. For everyone saying women in asia wear red so it’s no big deal etc. That bride was probably only referring to culture around her wearing white is the norm. Also before you criticize them turn it around. It would be out of the box for a South Asian women to wear white on the wedding. We do color. Reds with a contrasting burned orange or emerald green, maybe even blue or pink. Color basically and heavy on the bling. The more the better. Try telling your family you want to wear a white tulle/satin dress with little or no bling and it would be a scandel !!!
    Also not all of Asia wears red it’s only India/Pakistan/Bangladesh. I think Afghanistan Iran and Nepal too. The rest by which i mean Korea/China/Philippines have different culture. Its either their traditional dress or a modern style which is the white wedding gown like the westerners wear! Asia is huge people. With alot of different cultures. Don’t generalize it.

  10. The last girl actually looks like a flower girl. Like is she the bride or is she the kid sister of the bride?

  11. I feel like the bride with the straps was having a panic attack or something she seemed very stressed for that little inconviniece- or shes a bit of a brat idk

  12. The girl who is doing hockey for her wedding is WAY to picky like come on hockey for her wedding!?! Thats insane

  13. Sneakers aren’t outrageous lol my sister in law rocked some converse for her day! She took pics in nice shoes (which she was actually supposed to get married in) and then said screw it it’s my day I’m wearing my chucks down the aisle lol

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