The Odd Number Rule

The Odd Number Rule

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Buddy the dog:

Franz Ferdinand’s car:

The beginnings of World War One:

Galileo and the odd number rule:

A GREAT book about the history of our understanding of how things move — including some great sections about Galileo:



Colorado and its 697 sides:

Washington State ’96-’97 handbook:

Washington state rules for allowed exceptions to the half-time or more enrollment requirement:


  1. i love going from airbud, WW1, number theory, physics, calculus, colorado demarcation, scholastic regulations, then back to airbud. just normal everyday things for a casual video from vcondiment michelle here.

  2. The view-count on this video proves that people want more videos on ‘normal’ YouTube. Make more of them again!

  3. OKAY NOW… GET THIS Ball rolls faster —> by 2 seconds each second. 1 3 5 7 9 (now in MOD)11=2 – 13=4 – 15=6 – 17=8 – 19=1 21=3 23=5 25=7 27=9 29=2 do you see it 248751 248751 (not exact on 19) but all bouncing around the 3 6 9 – Vortex Math Natures doubling circuit 2 4 8 7=16 – 32=5 64=1… 248751 crazy!

  4. What if we hugged and I’m a 13 year old girl? Is Michael a pediphile? There’s something very ‘odd’ about him, yes there is.

  5. How come people that take payhadellics get obsessed with geometry? I have a friend who took a bunch of LSD and is obsessed with shapes too. Michael was never the same after he went to Peru with that witch doctor

  6. After taking AP physics and calculus bc, watching this video was oddly relaxing, recognizing all the concepts he was talking about 🙂

  7. What is the meaning of life?
    They got assassinated in a car with a license plate
    “Hello. I am speeding at a constant rate.”
    If we hugged, that would be wonderful.
    Alone, abandoned.
    And as always, thanks for watching.

  8. "…..pede is feet." A centipede has one hundred legs. Obviously some of the centipede’s feet are missing.

  9. 12:49 I’m a 6th/7th grader (I’m not sure its summer) and I know something you may have not realized. Just take half way through the second for the whole second.

  10. This is infuriating. There are so many arbitrary assumptions thrown into this. And the variable velocity didn’t vary at all. It was constant.

    I know it’s only a theoretical exercise, but it’s unduly irritated me, haha!

  11. Hey might I suggest having a video about a “Gomboc” it’s a shape that has only 1 stable and 1 unstable equilibrium point almost everything has at least 4 but mathematically they created the shape and it only occurs naturally in 3 species of turtles just would be awesome if you had a video that went more in depth

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