The REAL Reason You CAN'T Touch Service Dogs!

The REAL Reason You CAN'T Touch Service Dogs!

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  1. I have a SDIT. She is for autism ptsd and bipolar if people pet her without asking she could miss an alert and I could go into a panic attack or a meltdown

  2. Why are people in America obsessed with petting other people’s dogs? In Italy where I live you would never even think of doing that

  3. Is it okay to pet Therapy dogs?
    I met this really nice woman inside a dollar store and asked if I could pet her dog.
    It had a vest on it, but since she was just chilling there I figured it was okay, and she said yes.
    So I pet her head and itched around her ears (usually they can’t get there) for not even a minute, talking to her owner, and then they left.
    I figured that since the life of the owner wasn’t in their paws it would be okay.
    And it’s not like I didn’t ask or anything, I did.

  4. I never pet dogs, mostly cause I’m a cat person but my family does have a dog. There was this time where someone asked to pet my dog, we were at a park just to watch my dad and brother play basketball and we had bring the puppy out to get fresh air, then a little girl and her mom asked to pet her, we would have been fine with it but she was a VERY newborn puppy like very newborn, we didn’t want her to pet our puppy cause she is really young and is teething a lot but the mom was like “I’m sure it’s fine, probably nothing to worry about.” Like WHAT? We said she bites and said not to pet her we’re the owners not you! I’m glad our puppy didn’t bite which I am proud of her for doing.

  5. Thanks for sharing that! I don’t known this thing because in my country Bulgaria I’ve never seen a guide dog.
    Thank you!

  6. Instead of trying to pet a service dog when they’re working you can always just compliment them to their owner while making it clear you’re not going in for a pet. Comment “what a cute puppy!” While walking past and continue on with your day.

  7. I only ask if they have no harness and its "playtime" and even then I ask if I am allowed to pet him if the dog walks up to me. But when in harness he is a working dog and should not be disturbed, here in Sweden we have harnesses with a small sign that instructs others not to pet or disturb the dog. But I always pays attention to the dogs body language, if it’s in distress and alone yes I will follow the dog until we find the owner as in the comment below it saved someone’s life that day.

  8. Molly: Or with a diabetic owner and they need their dog to help them.
    My dog doesnt work like that but my mom is diabetic and my still tells her when her sugar is low and he barks to tell her that, it’s amazing about how he cant even sit with us telling him to but he can tell my moms sugar is low.

  9. I also should have mentioned that it is totally OKAY and encouraged for the owner to pet their dog when it’s working. It’s super annoying when people go, "but you’re petting him.." YES, it’s my dog! When only the owner or service dog handler is allowed to pet the dog during work time it continues to solidify that we are the only one the dog should be paying attention to or listening to while working.It helps keep the bond strong and allows us to reward or treat our dog with love when they’re doing a good job. 🙂

  10. At least in my country, it’s common and polite to always ask the dog’s owner if it’s okay to pet a dog, regardless of whether it’s a service dog or not. Maybe they’re in a hurry, maybe the dog is shy and freaks out if someone pets it, etc.

  11. My dogs are just pets but I still consider them working dogs. They know all of their basic obedience and a few tricks. I want them to be well behaved in public. I take them public stores to practice a lot. They have training vests, their patches just say in training. My dog’s are not service dogs but I still think people should ask before petting them. I want my dogs focused on me and sometimes other people are really distracting for them.

  12. several years ago in the news, a service dog in the mall bit the person who tried petting them. I don’t remember if the woman asked the officer but that was the consequence

  13. Something I don’t see mentioned a lot about petting service dogs: from what I know of dogs (which is very little) and of service dogs (which is also very little): dogs that aren’t working will walk away (or growl, or bark, or bite) if you try to pet them and they don’t want to be pet. Service dogs are trained not to walk away (or growl, or bark, or bite) so they will likely stay in place and suffer through it.

    You shouldn’t touch living creatures without their consent, not even if you really want to, not even if they’re cute, not even if you’re-SURE-they’ll-like-it-because-how-could-they-not-like-YOU.

    If an animal isn’t in a position to ‘reject’ you, you shouldn’t pet it unless you know the animal so well that you can pick up on small signals of ‘don’t stroke my back’ and ‘yes yes yes I like belly rubs’.

    But that’s just my opinion on cross-species consent.

  14. So fucking dumb. How about you get someone to take care of yo dumbass I’m petting all the service dogs idgaf if I’m petting and you have a seizure aye good distraction good boi

  15. I’d never put a persons life at risk and would always ask kids(if I had them) to ask to pet a day. However-
    I have a jack russel. And when it was still a puppy I used to go to a class. A woman who was blind started coming. She had a guide dog. When she was there she would take her guide dogs harness off. She made me tie up my puppy and not let her (my jack russel) even say hello to her guide dog even though she had taken her dogs harness off her dog. I was angry. I had been going before her and she is making me tie up my puppy even through her dog had it’s harness off. What gives?

  16. I was in a small shop by my house once and someone’s guide dog ran to me my mom and my brother and then out the door and we had to go get it back for him bless him. Cute dog tho.

  17. Ok…I’m not sure if it’s just me but I have never just gone in and pet a dog without asking first(unless it’s my dog or my neighbors dog which I know VERY well) also when people pet my dog without asking I get really annoyed because my dog may be 95lbs and a 1 year old German Shepard doesn’t mean he’s a huge goofy puppy and he won’t chew your fingers off! So if you’re gonna pet him without asking don’t think you’re gonna leave with the same amount of fingers you started with!

  18. For poeple that are watching this video after i did and look into the comments. If a service dog pulls you with them, you have to follow them because there could be something wrong with their owner.

  19. How about not touching other people’s pets at all? I have my own pets but I have never felt the need to touch other people’s pets simply because they are cute. It’s weird that our culture thinks it’s okay to go around touching

  20. I have always known not to pet ANY dog without permission, so I always ask. But some people are like DON’T EVEN ASK!!!! If I saw a setup like you and Gallop, I would *squee* in my head, but keep on walking. But some working dogs are just on leashes, so you can’t tell right off the bat. I don’t understand the mentality of don’t even ask…especially when you have people like Molly saying that she appreciates when people ask.

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