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Foraging wheel:
Foraging rat:
Dog rope: B&M
Tie holder: IKEA
Lava ledge:
Sputnik/ Spacepod:
Wooden bendy bridge:
Rat ladder:
Wooden branch chew toy:
Blue chew toy: Pets at home
Litter tray:
Extending tunnel:
Hanging tunnel:

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  1. Ok so everything else in this video I was like, aware that I needed them, but then she said dig box, I was like “oh yeah a box with bedding” and then I saw DIRT 🙂 quite the surprise

  2. The clear spinning wheel for foraging just got here today 😀 watching this video wow I can see what other things to get

  3. Hi! Can anyone tell me if it’s ok to use normal washing detergent to wash their hammocks, and normal dish detergent to wash their bowls? I’m really not sure what cleaning supplies are rat friendly or harmful to rats.

  4. im getting rats on monday and your videos have been super helpful. with out your videos i would have only gotten one and you made me aware that 2 will be much better. thanks a lot!

  5. Hi Emi!<3 i love your videos! i have a question, how often should i change the Cage? (like Everything in it) i do it maybe 1-2 times two weeks.

  6. “You could also use horse least ropes”
    Me a horse ridder: … stay away from my children!! …
    also me a horse ridder but not a horse owner: oh wait all mine are useless, YAY NOW I HAVE A USE

  7. My Rats dont use hammocks. I bought 3 different once. I never saw them using them. They prefer little hard stable platforms.

  8. I really want to get rats but I can’t commit to them so I’m just living my rat owner life through your videos haha

  9. Hello! I have two rats! They are called Pepper and Noodle! They have a realy big cage and I free roam them daily! You inspired me to get rats! They are so cute!

  10. Take a shot every time she says "definitely recommend"! 😀 This is a lovely video and had some great ideas in it — thank you! <3 Looking forward to getting set up for a couple of new babies soon 🙂

  11. So helpful thank you! In 2 weeks I’m going to get some rats I have a reasonably sized cage but soon I’m going to get a bigger one! Thank you! You definitely helped me put here!

  12. Don’t you hate when you go to buy something for your rats and they have it in every color except the color that matches your theme

  13. The hide that you showed in the thumbnail I got for my Syrian Hamster and it’s the only hide he likes and uses out of all the ones I’ve given him. (I had to remove the other hides due to him being stressed and scared of them..)

  14. Thanks for putting the links to the accessories for the cage. I’m getting rats after lockdown, and I am putting together the items and money needed for my rats 🙂

  15. Hey Emi. I’m watching you from Ecuador and oh god rat pets aren’t really a thing here. Pet stores never sell them, but there are some independent breeders (and they don’t seem to know much about them anyway, one breeder told me to feed them BREAD)
    I want rats so bad!! Should I still purchase my rats even if the breeder isn’t really that responsible? There aren’t good breeders at all

  16. A cutie little rex needed rehomed in my area, I’m picking him up in a few days and wanna be prepared.

    I plan on getting another male rat very soon after for comfort for him but all the other rats the person was trying to rehome were female and my new lil rex isn’t neutered so yeah no lol.

  17. So i got my rats a hammock, but theyre not using it, its comfortable :well feels comfortable in touch: and idk whats the problem , any tips

  18. You actually don’t even need to be able to sew to make homemade hammocks! What we do is just cut squares out of old t shirts and strips of fabric to hang with and they work amazing!

  19. "i really recommend getting a sputnik or 2 if your cage is big enough" no, this is trick, don’t fall for it, you buy 1, then "oh i can fit in another" then "oh but this one is blue it looks cool" and you fall down the rabbit hole until "fuck i have 12 but oh my gosh they have a limited edition metallic silver and bubblegum pink I MUST HAVE IT" Sputnik is an addiction.

  20. I’m getting rats on the 23RD and I’m so excited, I got a second hand double tall critter nation on Facebook for 80$, I’m so exited to meet my new ratties

  21. Why do u still buy products from pets at home. It’s basically the same as buying a pet isn’t it? Ur still giving money to pets shops

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