THE ULTIMATE LOVEBIRD CARE GUIDE 2020 | How to Take Care of a Lovebird

THE ULTIMATE LOVEBIRD CARE GUIDE 2020 | How to Take Care of a Lovebird

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Do you know if a lovebird is right for you? Are you thinking of adopting or purchasing a Lovebird? You have came to the right video! In this video we will talk about what you will need before adopting your Lovebird.

In this video we talk about lovebird diet, perches, toys, care requirements, cleaning routine, health, common illnesses, speech, intelligence, personality traits, reproduction, lifespan, and more!

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  1. I’m getting a lovebird for christmas and i have wanted one and done research for a year now, i’m so excited!

  2. I have two cockatiels and my aunts husband has a lovebird but he doesn’t have time for it so he is giving it to me and I am so excited

  3. Tell me. I have love birds. I try to get close to them. And stuff. But they still decide to be away from me. I don’t try to anymore bc of that. But anyone got suggestions on what I can do

  4. How do uou keeo them warm in the winter? Its quite cold where i live and I dont want to keeo them in the cage all day

  5. what if my female bird is very feisty and doesnt like to be touched. i’ve had my bird for 2 months and everytime we try to love her she bites us

  6. I got two Fischer’s on August and the male wants to breed with the other one. We’re getting a nesting box this weekend. However I don’t know if they both need to be in the same cage together since they live in different cages.

  7. Too much background noise. If you are not showing the birds in the video, I suggest you record your sound in a quiet room.

  8. We just hatched 3 babies from a male darker green fischer with yellow chest and brownish black mask with orange patch under beak, beak red. and a female fischer with out the mask lighter green body and yellow chest orange patch under beak, red beak….. One baby is coming out lighter (not as dark patches under the skin ontop of head and outlining the bones) where the other two have those dark patches… The lighter one has whitish fuzz growing in and the others a light greyish fuzz… Anyone can tell me what to expect for colors.. Obviously we will find out in time. Any guesses tho!? Will they look the same as the parents or is there a chance they will be different colors. Thanks

  9. I’m getting a lovebird very soon! Don’t worry I’m done a ton of research and have over 5 pages full of information’s of how to properly set up a cage and what cages I should get, I also have plenty of notes of what to feed them! So I’m very very prepared! I’m going to get a male lovebird and ima name him Felix

  10. Hi,
    I just got two baby love birds as a surprise gift! They are babies, still growing their feathers. I was told to hand feed them and i have formula and syringe. I dont know where to get started, should i be holding them? I know i have to feed them every 5 hours but im struggling on what else i need to know! Any advice would be helpful

  11. Thank you for the guide this really helped as I am getting some in the next week. Just a question, how much hours would you recommend to spend with them daily?

  12. I want a lovebird but the problem is that where i live people only sell pairs but i want a single one to be my feather baby

  13. i just got a ficher lovebird but she/he wont listen to me she/he is sooo scared plz get advice i need it its my second day and when i let it out it wont let me put it back in

  14. I am from the uk i went to pick up a cage for a friends and the person gave us a lovebird and the cage for 10 pounds they said the had 8 in a cage and they got out so do u have any tip on how to get it use to me he is 9 years old

  15. So i have a lovebird. He is in a cage filled with budgies (idk if that’s safe or not!) But its really scared and timid and idk how to try and tame it because its terrified of everything and its been here for about 1 month, any things i should know to keep him happy and healthy and should i buy a female lovebird to keep him company?

  16. I just got my lovebird for christmas after years for asking for a bird, and I’m watching and learning everything I can get to know because I’m really worried about having this new pet. This video helped a lot though!

  17. I am getting a Lovebird next week! His name is Mango, and he is a rescue sort if because his last family had to give him back because the kids were alergice. I saw him at the store today, and HE LOVED ME!!!

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