These Are Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Ever

These Are Top 10 Service Dog Breeds Ever

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Unlike some popular animals, dogs have always had a deeper purpose that mere companionship.
In fact, dogs have helped us humans out for hundreds, even thousands, of years.
These animals aren’t just our fluffy friends, they are useful members of society.
When humans started using dogs to help us out, some types of doggos were specifically bred for a particular job or task.
Thankfully for us, these special canine skills have translated to help people in need.
Now we have a variety of valuable service dogs such as seeing-eye dogs, police dogs, and search and rescue dogs.
In this video we have listed Top 10 Service Dog Breeds and what makes them such wonderful candidates for these special doggy jobs.

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  1. 10.Labrador Retriever
    8.German Shepherd
    4.Saint Bernard
    3.Border Collie
    1.Golden Retriever

  2. You have the numbers wrong rottweiler should be number One then #2 is Belgium Malinois #3 Doberman Pinscher #4 German Shepherd #5 Golden Retriever #6 Labrador Retriever #7 Saint Bernard #8 Newfoundland #9 standard poodle #10 beagle

  3. Where I live, labradors are very common as a service dog, to the point I had really though that they were the only dog breed for service dog purposes. Just recently I’ve seen a kid with serious cases of seizures with a German shepherd service dog. It made me realise that there are many other breeds suitable for task.

  4. Prong collars are abusive. In the short term, it may cause whiplash, fainting, and bruising of the esophagus, skin, or neck tissue. It may even cause bone fractures, dislocated neck bones, spinal cord injuries, or crushed tracheas if fast, jerking movements are used. Extended use of prong collars, however, can prove to be much more damaging.

  5. Greyhounds are sighthounds and cannot do weight bearing mobility, they’re structure makes it unsafe for them. Also, Rotties, Border Collies, and beagles are not suitable for service dog work. Best stick with Lab, Golden, or Poodle.

  6. This channel has become so insignificant … again you put little silly dogs on the list. Where is the dogo Argentino that kills a mountain lion

  7. 00:23
    That is not how that works. The dog isn’t in a harness with a rigid handle so it can’t guide efficiently. The only real situation I can think of that this would happen in is if the dog was of duty and was being walked into or out of a building so that it could go to the bathroom. But if so the handler would most likely put the dog into heel so they new where it was while walking. And personally I think it’s prong collar is at the wrong angel for it to be used correctly.
    Also 00:31

  8. So many interesting great dogs .
    The Dalmatian is fire fighter dog.
    German shepherd and the Malinos for police.
    Many dogs help people.
    The history without dogs well be why different.

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