These Kids Were TOXIC.. (Roblox Arsenal)

These Kids Were TOXIC.. (Roblox Arsenal)

I was playing some Arsenal on Roblox and I joined a server with a lot of TOXIC players..

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Use Megaphone audio ID 4842256775
Roblox Arsenal Codes:

»What is Arsenal?
»Arsenal is a FPS game made by the ROLVe Community. The game is based on CS:GO’s Gun Game game mode, Arms Race. The game supports R15, Gamepad controls, and Mobile devices.
»It was revamped sometime in late 2018, while the original version was archived at another game slot and can still be played. This revamp caused a huge gain in popularity for the game, where it gained tens of millions of visits and thousands of new players.
»In the game, players must get kills or assists and eventually reach 32 kills or 16 kills, if in other game modes other than Standard, which upon reaching they’ll receive a golden version of their chosen melee weapon (with the exception of Fisticuffs) and must kill someone with said weapon in order for the player and their team to win.
»Every time a player kills another, their weapon is swapped for a new one, unless the game mode is Gun Rotations or Randomizer TDM/FFA. If the player is “demonated”(resulting from being killed by a knife, committing suicide via various means, or in the past, dying to the Egg Hunt chicken boss), they move down a rank (lose one kill and revert to a different weapon), with most of the available announcers (except the announcer John) showing disappointment or anger at the player for losing a rank. Players can also access in-game shop that contains cosmetics (skins, cases, taunts, and melee weapons) that may be purchased at any time for B$, the game’s currency, and resets daily.
»Players can also use emotes by pressing G if on PC, or tapping on the emote button on Mobile. If G or the emote button is double-tapped, the player can do the popular Default Dance (Turk) originally from the show Shrubs popularized by Fortnite

»What is ROBLOX?
»Roblox is a global platform where millions of people gather together every day to imagine, create, and share experiences with each other in immersive, user-generated 3D worlds. The types of gameplay on Roblox are just as limitless as the imagination of the creators themselves.
»All the online games you see on the platform have been built by members of the Roblox community for members of the Roblox community. Players can build the ultimate theme park, compete as a professional race car driver, star in a fashion show, become a superhero, or simply design a dream home and hang out with friends. Roblox hosts user-created games and virtual worlds covering a wide variety of genres, from traditional racing and role-playing games to simulations and obstacle courses. Roblox is free to download and free to play on all modern smartphones, tablets, computers, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.


  1. teammate before golden knife: not finishing off the enemy with 1hp
    teammate after u get golden knife: taking all your kills

  2. Truth: hey u can’t back stab me man that’s against the rule

    Truth: after the first round he said I’m gonna back stab him

  3. Wow the skin you use for your guns is very bright!
    Can I ask you a question? Why do you stand still when have for example the razor bomb I just run I shoot the ground

  4. teammate before golden knife: not finishing off the enemy with 1hp
    teammate after u get golden knife: taking all your kills

  5. I mean like no offense or anything, but I wouldn’t buy a shirt with just the hashtag "Baldgang", it’s pretty simple to just put text on a shirt. (And yes I know we don’t need to buy it or anything.)

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