Things you should know about pugs! #9 Diet

Things you should know about pugs! #9 Diet

Today we discuss the topic of pugs diets! we’ve had issues with our diet for Pablo, so I’ll share what I’ve been researching and whats best for a pug! every pug and every household is different so the needs of pugs will be specific for each one but I’ll try help to give you an understanding of what each type of food is and whats the best options 🙂

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  1. hey just want to thank you 🙂 trying to do my homework before we pick up our pug and l wasn’t sure where to start on the food front. Didn’t even know Lilly’s kitchen was a thing. #winning Just wanted to say thank you as you are helping me out loads with all the info 🙂

  2. Actually, human grade wet food can smell AMAZING! I know a couple of brands with cans that would make a human’s mouth water.

  3. I feed my pug home made food.. bt recently he isn’t eating his food nicely.. I’m really worried.. what should I do??

  4. Don’t know if you guys have this food but another good food is Blue Buffalo and it’s meet rich and grain-free

  5. we used to feed our lab on natures menu which supply raw food however i recently found out they supply wet food too, we now feed him on burns dog food as it is more natural and has no wheat or grains which he is allergic to 🙂

  6. You have fed your dog a diet which is appropriate for you and not your dog. Raw is not difficult. I feed two dogs raw with a small freezer and don’t need a daily delivery! It is also cheaper than any other method. Kibble leads to teeth decay and is horrendous for dogs. It doesn’t clean teeth! You have fed maccy d’s to your dog because it is easier for you.

  7. I spent the whole video starring at the wall on the left, wondering why there was a hallway in the closet… until I realized it was a mirror

  8. You could supplement his diet with some raw meat. My parents give their dog chicken necks as well as her wet food, very inexpensive as well.

  9. My pug gets a mix of freshly cooked chicken and breakfast kibble. AATU is a good kibble brand I think. He is super fussy, wont eat anything from a tin or anything raw.

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