THIS is a Nice RV! Perfect for a couple! Solaire 260FKBS

THIS is a Nice RV! Perfect for a couple! Solaire 260FKBS

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  1. That window makes doing dishes a pleasure. I could live without the little ruffly valences in the bedroom, tho!

  2. You show way too many Forest River products. They have one of the worst customer service records out there.

  3. Outside of the single bed, I’m assuming the couch/recliners are sleepable? For a 26ft it doesn’t look like it sleeps more than 2-3. Any context on how many it sleeps?

  4. Great job again! Very nice layout and the counter space in the kitchen is amazing! Thanks again for bringing it to us!

  5. Have you done or is there a small unit 5th wheel RVs? Just the wife and I and a couple of 135# dogs. Oh, and thanks for your videos, been watching for a while now. But not BEFORE I bought a Ram 2500 diesel mega cab. Now I understand what I can’t tow, oops.

  6. I think I’ve Mentioned this on another one of your Solaire walk through, But I think you should take a look at the Solaire 316RLTS! It is the most incredible rear living floor plan I have seen in a travel trailer. I am a salesman For a dealership in Washington and Solaires are one of our best sellers. I love your Videos. If you are Ever in Washington I would Have you Swing in!

  7. I think, as the title indicates…perfect for a couple. As someone else mentioned, I don’t think the back door is necessary. But everything else I really like.

  8. The drawers under the closet in the bedroom seems like they would be hard to get into, with them being set back. To me it’s an odd layout.

  9. Hmmmm…this color scheme looks very "old lady". Is it just me or does everything look like it has a pink hue to it?

  10. Other than having a queen bed with nightstands and having the down low buttons and switches it’s very nicely done. As I get older its harder to climb in and out of the bed and I’d rather have the nightstands and room to walk around the bed. Maybe make that an option?? Love the rear bedroom because when you back in your bedroom is away from the people walking by.

  11. I wonder how much weight is distributed to the driver side of the rig, being that there’s 2 big slides on one side

  12. Very similar to the 2020 rockwood 2608bs. The rockwood has a separate door to the bedroom so you dont have to walk through the bathroom as well as much more overhead cabinet space in the kitchen area. Would love to see a review on the rockwood 2608bs

  13. I like the Solaire layout J.D., but they never seem to have hardly any outside storage. This is on all their units…some have a space where it’s either W/D or a little outside storage but that’s it. And with a 12 volt fridge I would expect a solar option also. But in a park setting this would be fine. bill in Florida

  14. Another great video as usual. I like the colors and the floor plan. My only complaint, is that outside kitchen takes away too much space away from the inside. And also you have pointed out in previous videos that an outside kitchen with a built in cook top is going to splash grease everywhere. I didn’t see a propane connection for the outside sink either.

  15. 1200 pounds payload. So maybe 800 pounds with water and propane? That’s pretty limiting although I’m sure few will weigh their rig before heading out overloaded.

  16. Flip the door around on outdoor kitchen. It’s in the way. And walking thru bathroom to get to bed, that’s a no.

  17. The drawers opposite the foot of the bed in the bedroom: I get it that they have to be that way so that the bed can fit when the slide is in. But having them hidden away like that under the closet is terrible. Yuck. I would have to tear that whole thing apart.

  18. Good Morning. I saw one of your VIDEOS on hitches the other day. You were a a RV show and talked to PULLRITE on two types of hitches. One was the Super Glide 2700-16K-18K The other one was the SuperLite, Lightweight Fifth Wheel Hitches. You had talked about the Anderson one and how it was but you were going back to the Champion . I have a Chevy Silverado 3/4 Crew cab shore bed and I’m not sure if it will work on the REFLECTION 337RLS? Do you have any thoughts about this. I would like the SuperLite, Lightweight Fifth Wheel Hitches if you think it would work with out knocking out my back window on a turn because i’m not as your as it was 70 years ago. Jack

  19. You do very good reviews but you said the control panel is able to be touched by small children and that a bad thing. You then mentioned the seating which is great is you have children.

    This unit has sleeping for 2 people only. There will be no small children sleeping here.

    No nightstands next to the bed is a big problem. This isn’t an upscale unit. It’s basically dressed up junk.

  20. Big fan. You are usually very thorough but missed two features. Was that an electric and water shutoffs in that small cargo compartment below city and freshwater connections? Agree kids would play with controls down low. What did inside of shower look like?

  21. Slowly but surely moving to a more contemporary design on fifth wheels and travel travels, but most still have the apeal of a retirement home bingo palor.

  22. It does look nice but there are parts of the design the owner would dislike over the long haul. Obviously the outdoor kitchen door and the refrigerator are not compatible and it will be an ongoing issue. The pantry door cannot be fully opened making that space largely unusable. Wish they would think before finalizing these designs.

  23. I’d really like to hear from owners that actually utilize the 2nd door on RV’s. It seems to me it would have been nice to have more cabinets or a spot for a TV in the bedroom vs another door. Doesn’t seem necessary for a TT in this size. Anybody else?

  24. Never fails, whether it is a travel trailer or a fifth wheel, every time I find a floor plan we love the shower is too short. Being 6’4" it’s challenging to find the right rig. It would be nice to find a manufacturer that took tall people into consideration and it not be a toyhauler.


  25. I’m curious, why are Americans always so insistent on having king size beds? Even when I watch other RV shows a smaller bed is a deal breaker. Why is that?

  26. Being 6’6" tall, I would feel cramped by the lower ceilings; however, I need to correct you on the point of tow vehicles. This RV travel trailer can easily and *SAFELY* be towed with a 2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, which is capable of towing well beyond the Gross Vehicle Weight of the RV travel trailer. It’s not even close.

    I think it’s appropriate to mark 2019 at the point at which the big three (Ford, GM and RAM) started making Half-Ton pickup trucks that are *SAFELY* capable of towing much heavier trailers than ever before, while simultaneously offering more payload capacity… as well as drivetrains that have sufficient torque & HP to deal with the task at hand.

    You may want to keep that in mind for future videos. I understand that you don’t want anyone with a 10 year old 1/2 ton truck to put themselves in a bad situation, but please try not to unnecessarily scare people with modern trucks!

  27. If they would have the same floor plan with more closet space and room for washer dryer unit it would have been perfect!!

  28. You mention the control panel and say “…if you have really small children…”. Um, no offense, but where would a child, children, sleep?

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