This SIMPLE Dog Niche Site Brings in 993.26K visits per month! (EP 2)

This SIMPLE Dog Niche Site Brings in 993.26K visits per month! (EP 2)

Today I review a simple amazon niche site that brings in over 900k visitors every single month. This is a video you simply can not miss!

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This video breaks down a dog niche site that I have seen over and over dominating the 1st-page rankings in the dog niche. Today, I decided to break this site down to its bare principles to see if we can find a strategy that can be applied to other niche sites that monetize with Amazon.

If you’re into Amazon affiliate marketing then you are 100% going to find this video super useful as this site a great example of what you need to do. Don’t miss this as there’s tons of value and lots to learn.

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  1. Leon, This really is GOLD, my friend! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing i’ve been trying to set up, PRICLESS info Buddy!!! Thanks !

  2. Another great video Leon! I have a question regarding writing buyer intent articles. I noticed most of the articles that are buyer intent, best, etc. are all dominated by higher authority websites. For a new website without any authority, how would I be able to compete with these sites and rank above them? Should I try to create a better article then them and hope for the best or would the use of a different strategy such as adding in contextual affiliate links on information articles be a better strategy?

    I know conventional wisdom is to try and get more backlinks, but when your the new kid on the block, nobody is gonna give you a backlink especially from high authority websites. In the latest income school video regarding backlinks, they used a figure of having to email around 300 websites before you even get a single backlink, and they instead advocate just writing more better quality articles and eventually you will naturally get backlinks. What’s your take on this? Thx

  3. A superb video Leon..the siteliner tip is gold on its own….been a bit worried about my articles having too many duplicate words..not anymore..feel much happier. I write my own stuff, but words are words and there are only so many ways of saying something..this is a great video..thanks pal.

  4. Crikey! If this doesn’t motivate you to get an affiliate website up and running….nothing will. Thank you ever so much Angus. Procrastination is my middle name (like 4 years and nothing to show for it). Thank you buddy.

  5. Leon,

    This video is amazing on so many levels. I learned so much both with your analysis and the tools you were using. I liked this video so much that I am going to rewatch it and make a checklist of the steps you took so that I can replicate them when evaluating my competitors.

    Thank you.

  6. Hey Leon, I’d love it if you put together a course of some type, make you some money and help out many pep’s, don’t get me wrong, your videos are brilliant, but a complete course built by a guy such as yourself would be amazing!

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