This Subreddit HATES DOGS

This Subreddit HATES DOGS

I usually consider myself to be pretty fair-minded when it comes to personal preferences… HOWEVER, this particular subreddit drew my attention for its unique choice of hate. Let’s analyze shall we?

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  1. Yea this sub is so toxic, saw one post that said something about a dog barking at a child (which dogs do) and the owner explained how children used to hurt the dog, and the person with the kid started getting mad at the owner about letting such a "aggressive and dangerous" dog. I looked in the comments and that was even worse, I saw multiple people saying that loud or defensive dogs deserve to be killed. wow.

  2. lucy is so cute and fluffy, i googled her and i had to take a minute to stop watching the video and say "AWW FLUFFY, FLUFFY DOG, FLOOFY BIG GORL" and whatnot

  3. I don’t like pitbulls either, but that’s just because I don’t think they’re very cute. I don’t understand how much some people hate them.

  4. I personally don’t like dogs and I agree 100% with Mark. Not all dogs are bad. I don’t WANT to hate dogs, but nobody in my life has ever bothered to train their goddamn dog and every time I go to visit my family I get aggressively jumped on and/or bitten, which has kind of ruined dogs for me. To everyone reading, please PLEASE train your dog!

  5. No offense, you don’t like dogs, that’s fine, but swearing and attacking people that do? That’s not.

  6. See I’m a cat lover but yeah I like dogs but I just prefer cats even if any of my cats bring me a small dead animal I just pick it up and go put it in a field where the cats can’t find it and I go wash my hands

  7. I used to have a pit bull, named titan. He rolled in the grass and played with me so much. But we couldn’t take care of him and he ended up getting heart worms. I was really sad but I knew it was for the best. I loved that dog so much 🙂

  8. pitbull’s are the sweetest ever <3 it breaks my heart when i tell people that and they don’t listen. its the owners not the dog.

  9. My aunt had a pitbull when i was younger. One day he bit me and dragged me to the neighbor’s fence. I looked up and saw there was a snake where I was previously standing. He saved my life. Not all of them are bad. The fault lies in their upbringing.

  10. my dog is a Pitbull/black lab mix and she is the sweetest thing ever. a shelter found her starving on the street so we brought her in and she loves us and we love her back.

  11. I like dogs more than children cause they are actually, unlike kids, cute.

    +Wont turn into an edy teen for 5 years
    +wont want electronics or phones
    +can sleep in a bed with you 10 times out of 10 no complaining
    +realeases feelgood endorphines in you brain when you pet em’

    +SO SO SO much more!

  12. I have a fear of really big savage dogs, but I also have a weakness to really small cute dogs(except for Chihuahuas
    . little shits)

  13. The energy of "we’re better than you disgusting dog lovers" radiating from this subreddit is what makes me really dislike it

  14. I’ve never had a pitbull, but I’ve met them. They are SWEETIES and are PROTECTIVE BIG BABIES. I LOVE THEM. Same level as labradors, confirmed as I have labs myself! (beautiful sweeties too if you want a dog..) Pitbulls are only aggressive when you TRAIN them to be like that! Dogs are also so sweet and wholesome because you can have them SHAKE THEIR PAWS WITH YOU. No dogs are bad dogs, the _owners_ are bad. Appreciate those babies!!

  15. Pit bulls, when treated with kindness, can become even more of a family dog than a Labrador. (Which is saying something)

  16. I’ve seen members of a dog-hating cult call for the banning of dogs. Which is honestly the most entitled and hypocritical thing. Like first of all imagine thinking that an entire species shouldn’t exist because *you* don’t like it. And second, humans do *so much harm* to the each other and to the planet… perhaps take a look at the harm your own species does before demonizing another.

  17. my friend owns an American staffy named Daisy and she is the sweetest.
    i know that she’s not going to suddenly try to rip my leg off.
    because she’s well trained.

  18. the same reasons they hate dogs are the exact same things every other animal including human babies do. have you ever been bitten by a baby. shit hurted. and they dont let go

  19. The important thing about these kind of situations is understanding the mentality of both sides.

    Dog haters have seen the bad side of dogs, and are terrified/outraged over it.

    Dog lovers know what a well trained dog is like, and they deeply enjoy it.

    Now stereotypes of either side is super bad, and like mark said "As long as they don’t cross that line, I’m ok with it". You can hate and love dogs to a certain point before it goes over the line. It is crucial that we see why people hate/love things.

    That being said if a lady is making out with her dog, or someone is out stabbing well trained dogs, that us where the line is absurdly crossed and we are gonna have some issues.

  20. Guys…please don’t do heroine. Not even moderately, cause addiction always starts ‘moderately’ and often ends with dead…. or worse(yes, worse then dead).

    (not hating on mark BTW. He’s awesome)

  21. Anyone else been on that subreddit recently? It’s *horrible*. I just checked it and there’s all sorts of "horror stories" of dog attacks.

    "I went to a public place that’s known for having a lot of dogs and a dog barked at me."
    "Wow what shitty fucking people (I’m paraphrasing but keeping the language about the same)"

    "I went on a camping trip at a public camp and a guy brought a pitbull that approached me and barked a few times the first night."
    There was literally a reply on here about how this guy should bring a *GUN and BEAR REPELLANT* whenever he goes camping.

    And of course there were dozens of very selective pics and stories.

    I am NOT condoning attacking these people, just like Mark isn’t. Just… Christ, I’m not going on that Subreddit ever again. Five minutes on it and I’m fuming.

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