The Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder, 121-92. Dillon Brooks led the Grizzlies with 22 PTS and 6 REB, while Ja Morant added 19 PTS and 9 AST in the victory. Chris Paul led the Thunder with 17 PTS, 5 REB, 5 AST and 4 STL.

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  1. OKC wants MEM at 8th seed over PORTLAND.. they dont want happen what LILLARD did last yr playoffs.. i think other team will be good at MEM to secured the 8th seed. Agree ? It’s a strategy..

  2. Grayson Allen had some big 3s to help push that lead out. Great bully ball by Jonas and the way Morant can slice the D. Woo wee, boy is like a bolt of lightning going towards the rim. He all a sudden explodes and can dish that ball just as fast too. Love his game, he has a very bright future.

  3. The virtual fans are creepy and this entire thing doesnt feel right. No one misses shots anymore. I cant wait until its back to normal

  4. Love you most Chris Paul proud of you miss you most here to winning great team player u still 15years later u lite see u next season wouldn’t miss you have a great 2020 season

  5. I’ll never buy Thunder Season Tickets again. Watched 45 sec. of the OKC vs LA game and all I saw was Marxists BLM crap shoved down my throat. OKC should have taken the NHL franchise when it had the chance. I’m done with the NBA!

  6. I am asking why do the players not wear masks when they are playing the game they go to the bench and then wear one some of them i mean I am really confused. and they are right next to each other.? I mean like i don’t care if they do or don’t that’s up to them personally i am just really confused by it. Another thing i am confused about is it says black lifes matter on the floor like what is that about. Like is it refering to some ones skin color? because if it is i am confused the whites blacks yellow are all contributing to there teams sucess on the floor. I am really confused about all this can some one help me out by explaining this questions i have.

  7. I am asking why do the players not wear masks when they are playing the game they go to the bench and then wear one some of them i mean I am really confused. and they are right next to each other.? I mean like i don’t care if they do or don’t that’s up to them personally i am just really confused by it.

  8. Valančiūnas post moves are out of this world! No seriously the way he hits the boards and fights for position is kind of unmatched.

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  10. This is a rigged game especially if you watched it live. They want to avoid rockets in 1st round so they intentionally lose this one.

  11. Dude that’s some bullshit you mean to tell me the grizzlies that were on a 0-4 stretch in the bubble beat the thunder. A team that the number 1 seed in the west, the lakers couldn’t beat?!?! Wtf man I’m so disappointed in the lakers. No excuses

  12. living in Utah and being upset that they beat the grizzlies makes me happy that they won (Memphis is my favorite team)

  13. They can move the Thunder Franchise to Beijing as far as I’m concerned. BLM hasn’t paid one penny to help Black lives. I researched and not one penny has gone to give black kids scholarships, pay for a needy black kids meal, help black communities, etc. It’s a Marxists group like Antifa.

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