When it comes to helping out humans, these service dog breeds are ready to serve, protect and enrich the lives of the people who need them.
Dogs have helped us humans out for hundred, even thousands, of years. When they started out, some dog breeds were specifically bred for a job or task. And although times have changed and they may not be needed for the job they were bred for, there’s still much work for them to accomplish. Thankfully, for us, these skills have translated to help people in need, such as a seeing-eye dog, a police dog or a search and rescue dog. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Service Dog Breeds and what makes them wonderful candidates for the job.

10. Golden Retriever
9. Poodle
8. Border Collie
7. Saint Bernard
6. Pomeranian
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. ??????

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  1. What good is talking about police/military applications in a video about service dogs? Pretty sure most people understand that term to be a dog that helps with some sort of physical or medical need.

  2. You might want to put the original videos links in the description…. Some people may not like you using their videos without their premission….

  3. Service dogs are very helpful but some of the9breeds are not ever really used as service dogs I personally live in a town with a lot of service dogs but I’ve never ever once seen a pomeranian, rottweiler

  4. They said golden retriever twice also I have a service dog and he is a mastiff and what would the rate be ?.?

  5. I was thinking about an Sibirian Husky or Border Collie.Does anyone knows if a Huskys would be good as an service dog for a mental illness?

  6. The Border Collie, Jerman Shepherd, Malinla(I don’t know how it’s called in English) and the Beagle should be at the first places. This video is not correct. How can one from the most popular service breed dog "Border Collie" be on 8th place, and the Pomeranian be at lower???Yes, it depends on the training, but Pomeranians are very very loud, and sometimes agresive, because of they’re bossy personality.

  7. Most of these breeds wouldnt work out as service animals the only ones i agree with is the golden, gsd, lab and possibly the bc, for first time handlers like yeah if you want a super nervous dog that will probably wash out get a whippet/grey hound the only accurate thing you said was they are very sensitive and that’s true so they wouldnt be a good sd because they tend to be very nervous

  8. i don’t recommend taking very much information from here. i think alot of additional research should be done and not just this video

  9. I’m just trying to make my decision maybe I’ll go with a bully breed I kinda wanted a Rottweiler or Doberman though

  10. This didn’t give any information on why or how they are good service dogs. Or their specific type of service, other than the border collie and the German shepherd (though that one is thee poster police dog)!

    As someone looking for a service dog breed I am disappointed in this video.

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