Top 10 Funny Turtle / Tortoise Videos Compilation 2016

Top 10 Funny Turtle / Tortoise Videos Compilation 2016

Check out these funny videos of turtles. A turtle or tortoise is such a cute animal. So enjoy this top 10 turtle videos.

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  1. That last one was an Aligator snapping turtle a very endangered species. You should go to jail for this video and the everyone else involed with this video. You are being reported to the police.

  2. My alligator snapping turtles sleeps on my bed with me every night thay are free roaming turtles

  3. I had a female redfoot tort for over 35 years. I got her in 1968. She had full run of my kitchen, she was never kept in a box. She was paper trained, ate out of my hand and loved being rubbed on her head. Every year I took her to a local library during their summer reading program for kids. Her name was Studebaker. She also slept with my cat, Motor City Kitty for about ten years. She was my baby girl.

  4. Imagine having a basketball match and everyobe lost their basketball so you have to bring one, but cant find anything else than that one that the tortoise used….>.>

  5. You should have said that this video contains adult content. My baby tortoise saw some R rated content. That is not the way I want to raise my child.

  6. I really enjoyed this video, turtles can be real loving and fun pets,
    And they are pretty smart to…Thank you

  7. Turtles are not always slow like for egzample the red red eared slider they move fast on land and water

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