Top 10 Secret Vendors in WoW

Top 10 Secret Vendors in WoW

World of Warcraft has handful of Secret vendors. Vendors that are either in way out of the way locations who sell exclusive items, Or just vendors on rare mob type timers. This video will go over a mixture of both of those types of vendors, and rank them from least secret to, kind of the most secret and hard to find.

Lil Timmy video = ” 4y Records Unconcerned About Our Youth Since 1985.”

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–The List–
10-Shady book dealer, and other tome vendors
9 -Gnome bros
8 -Dealer Rashaad (Exotic Creatures)
7 -Broken Shore vendors
6 -Thomas Yance
5 -Rona Greenteeth -Inkyblack potions
4 -Magnus Frostwake
3 -Little timmy
2 -Mad merchant
1 -The one under dal (Kaye Toogie)


  1. I watched this video a few months ago while taking a nap. i woke up and got onto classic wow and went to the priest trainer in SW and lil timmy was fuckin just strolling around and i got the cat and I FREAKED OUT. great memory

  2. Rona Greenteeth sells an item called Green Ham and Eggs which could be an easter egg to Dr Seus’ Green Eggs and Ham

  3. I have an account from 2009 jan  so I did wrath like a boss   anyway I have in 10 years gotten to toogie 3 times and bought them 1 time  …. for refrence im also a player who has  5 legs   priest  epic mc staff   profs from jan 08  taillioring eng .   a server first  tailoring cata but on illidan server that says a lot !   iv puged  with top 10 guilds  and have made them gear  … and my fav tital   undying   …. . if u look my toon  10 years less then 1k quests  30+ exalts from a few years ago   I don’t realy play much just stating iv dun and can do a lot this little  > )_)++

  4. I wish there would be a rain version of the black sky potion. I love the sound and athmosphere of Wow when it’s raining and would love to have a way to play this way all the time.

  5. Although this is interesting, I have to mute it and just search the vendor names. Can’t stand the lisping. -.-

  6. The “Mechanical Dragonling” actually stacks up to 5. So it has potential to be a huge buff for some people.

  7. Lenny “fingers” McCoy the vender at 5:20 is not a rare vender he can be found smack dab in the middle of old town in Stormwind standing next to Paulie the vender that sells the Champion’s Treadblade. I don’t know about the Horde vender I am strictly Alliance

  8. side note. the horde side vendor in the broken shore leadup specifically sells things from the removed Darkspear rebellion quartermaster

  9. what you can buy the dalaran Crater book now ? i though you get this only in the SM (hero) if you kill the last boss before he set all the books on fire. and i thought can you buy this priest toy in the order hall ? unless you can but it with all the other classes, i dont think i went to light hope chapell to buy it with my priest

  10. Oh, the Mad Merchant can fight me. Camping him was the bane of my existence. I’m not good at goldmaking either and am a very casual player, so after getting the 2 mil (that took forever) all I wanted was to be able to buy that mount right away.

    Spider achieved, but only after like a week or two of intermittent camping and realm hopping. Infuriating, lol.

  11. I remember I farmed the rumsey rum at old hillsbrad at south shore and people bought them like no tomorrow then people found my secret but made 400g or so

  12. I’m going through this in-game just to see. I’m a Hunter not a Druid – so when I went to Moonglade obviously there wasn’t anything there for me EXCEPT… One of those pesky Nightelves sold a green, super low level poopy bow which I didn’t have in my collection and now I do!! I never would have discovered this if it wasn’t for your video – so thanks for taking the time to create it… YEAH!!!

  13. Wasn’t there a gnome that appears after you beat Saurfang Jr. in ICC with a ridiculous priced book to buy?

  14. a few years ago, i was able to die and simply pass through the edge of the grate above kaye toogie and respawn to get to her. i guess using the portal generator works too. XD

  15. There is also another quest specific vendor. When you are doing quest with the bloodscale buccaneers in the Cape of Stranglethorn. On one of the ships there is a pet vendor. I don’t know if it sells items only he does, but definitely was interesting. And only available through the time while you are accepted among the buccaneers.

  16. i dont know if u still reading the comments but last one u can get there true a glitch that u can fly inside the walls , not sure if u can still do it but there is a spot that u need water walk and mamoth and u can go into the wall and get to all the secrets spots in dalarn

  17. how tf has no one mentioned how you zoomed in on text that reads "Bind on equip" while saying you have to camp for that specific item since its "Bind on pickup"

  18. Late to the party but I don’t see it listed here. There is a dressmaker vendor in Moonglade that sells the Royal Dangui robe. It has no stats and is for appearance only, but sells on the auction house for between 35-40k and upward. It is limited and has a very random spawn time. I parked an alt there and that gown helped me greatly toward my first million.

  19. LOL, saw the video few times before, but I just realized that on my druid I missed all those spells, Flap is actually useful in many occasions.
    Thank you!
    GL in Vanila xD

  20. OH MY GOD LITTLE TIMMY IS RARE!?!? I once saw him when I was walking around stormwind and thought nothing of it! WHY DIDN’T I BUY THE DAMN CAAAT!? I’m so stupid!

  21. well the Tome to teach the ability Fetch for hunters is usable at level 40 so I don’t know why they put it in a zone that’s set so high above that level.

  22. There use to be a vendor in outlands in blades edge. Where you joined a enemy using a disguise. you could get a orb that turns you into a black dragon hatchling.

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