Top 5 FAVORITE MOUSE Treats! | Mouse Care & Diet

Top 5 FAVORITE MOUSE Treats! | Mouse Care & Diet

🐾Top 5 FAVORITE MOUSE Treats! | Mouse Care & Diet🐾

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  1. I got three mice last night they ate strawberries out of my hand as my friend finished the tank set up.

  2. My mice are really picky with their treats. I’m definitly going to try the Gerber Puffs with them because at least if they don’t like them, I can give them to my baby cousin. Lol.

  3. Thank you! I’m trying to get my 3 mice to get used to my hand and needed treats to hand feed them.

  4. I have always bonded with my mice. I have owned 2 and different times. I now have a pair of little bitty females, and a male (seperate cage obviously). My male is pretty chill. His name is Tangerine. The females are skittish. I’m looking for treats to help tame them and get them used to me. They were sold as feeders so they haven’t been handled much. Their names are Vanilla and Cream.

  5. Went out and bought the Gerber Puffs right after this video. My mice love them! And it’s the first treat one of my shy hamsters actually ate right away instead of pouching! 🙂

  6. I need to try the gerber puffs with my mice, I never think of buying them at the store! I’ve never tried the cheesy chew things either, but I know a ton of people say their hamsters/mice love them, I need to get some someday! I just wanted to mention to anyone reading the comments, yogurt drops are great occasional treats to spoil your mice, but they should not be fed on a daily basis. Mice are lactose intolerant and giving them dairy products on a daily basis can cause issues for them. They also have a lot of sugar. Mice absolutely love them though, so again they are great treats to spoil your mice with once in a while! Mice also do love millet, my girls love it, and it’s a healthy treat! Great video!

  7. Hi! can you make a “how to bond with your mice” video please? I just recently got 2 mice and it’s really hard for me to bond with them ):

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