Top 5: Service Dogs | BarkFest

Top 5: Service Dogs | BarkFest

Meet some of the best and the brightest service dogs in the business.
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Welcome to the world of wildlife rehabilitation, a profession that appeals only to those with a strong will and a big heart. In rural western Kentucky, three women have taken on the responsibility to care for wild animals that are injured, orphaned, or in need, with the ultimate goal of returning them back to the wild.

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Top 5: Service Dogs | BarkFest

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  1. Ricochet was not a therapy dog it was a service dog, next time yall post something plz have the information right.

  2. Jesus fuckin christ, that fat bitch got a guide dog to use as a "brace". She’s gonna break that poor dog’s back. Get a fuckin walker or a wheel chair.

  3. Hi I’m trying to get a service dog to help me out if you could please read my story and share this thanks thanks for the help

  4. I have two Golden Retrievers, and though neither of them are service dogs one of them, Phoebe is my emotional support animal. When I get into a depressive state or an anxiety attack, she will come up to me and start to nudge me or whine until I focus on her. She knows something is wrong, and she knows I need help, and she does it without me training her to do so. It’s amazing how dogs can sense these things and have such an instinct to help.

  5. A Police Dog or K-9 is a working dog as are Service Dogs but K-9s are not Service Dogs… THERAPY DOGS or EMOTIONAL SERVICE ANIMALS ARE NOT SERVICE DOGS… Though the task that the therapy dog performed for its handler (Vet with PTSD) actually makes it a Psychiatric Service Dog which under the ADA is a Service Dog as much as a guide dog…

  6. This is actually kinda offensive. Psychiatric disabilities are just as real and important. It’s the same for our dogs they are not of a lesser calaber.

  7. I hate service dogs used for people with needs! You can say I’m awful for this but dogs need love. If you have a issue that you use your dog more as a device than a living thing it’s not right. I love my dog with all my heart and if I ignore him he is the saddest thing. If your dog gets pet and is to distracted to help you, you need to give it more attention because just like the attention you need it also needs.

  8. Dogs are the most blessed creature of all animal no matter what culture you go, men’s best friend is always here and ready to serve everyone , I just love dogs and I hate bad owners and people that treat them badly.

  9. This isn’t quite right: Ricochet is a therapy dog and Diesel is a K9… these are not Service Dogs as defined by the ADA and US Department of Justice. A service dog aids a handler with a physical or mental disability, and is legally recognized as medical equipment. A K9 works with a human partner in law enforcement and a therapy dog provides comfort to strangers who are ill or distressed. Nat Geo WILD, you need to get your facts straight!

  10. I’m about to retire early and have a decent bank. I’m going to rescue animals like hope for paws still don’t know how

  11. #5: police dog, not service dog.
    #4: yes, service dog.
    #3: yes, service dog.
    #2: yes, service dog.
    #1: yes, service dog.

  12. 1. Not all these of these are service dogs they are types

    2. Therapy dogs can not go into public places it is illegal service dogs are for ptsd and for many other things therapy dogs are not

    I’m gonna get hate but I know this because I’m a service dog handler

  13. Cows gives us milk sheep gives us clothes while Dogs and Cats gives us happiness oh and did You know dogs and cats helps the sick people get better faster be kind to Animals because they can also help you not just you but everyone God made you and God made animals so don’t kick or do something bad to animals couse when you and the animal are close he will help you when your weak and you should also help them if he/she is weak pls give my comment a like thank you 🙂

  14. _Cry HEAL—and let slip the dogs of love!_
                 —William Shakespeare’s dog (Spot)

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