Top 6 Best Cheap Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Top 6 Best Cheap Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Wondering how to feed your cat a healthy diet while sticking to a tight budget? Here are our top 6 recommendations for the best cheap (and healthy!) cat food you can buy. Sign up for free recall alerts:

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0:00 Introduction
1:02 Overall Best: Authority Chicken Entrée Paté
2:56 Runner Up: Simply Nourish Essentials Real Chicken Recipe
3:54 Best for Gravy Lovers: WholeHearted Flaked in Gravy Chicken Recipe
5:36 Best for Picky Eaters: Wellness Complete Health Chicken Paté
6:46 Best for Weight Loss: Fancy Feast Fish and Shrimp Feast
8:30 Best Dry Food: Kirkland Signature Maintenance Cat Chicken & Rice Kibble
10:55 Conclusion

Read our complete written guide to the best cheap cat food on the market:


  1. Dry cat food is not good for your cat they are meat eaters never assume that there is not byproducts over time dry food will plug up your cat I only feed my cat wet pasta food if you have a older cat use adult cat cat food

  2. We switched from Fancy Feast to Wellness and while I think it’s more nutritious, it’s definitely not cheap or a budget option. We were paying about $.60 a can for FF but we can only find Wellness at Petsmart where it’s sold for $1.39 a can. I was lucky enough to catch a sale last month where I was able to get it for $.99 a can but now it’s back up to regular price. Again, we like it and in my opinion it’s much higher quality but it *is* pricey compared to FF and other grocery store brands.

  3. we found Darwin raw food to be excellent. order it online. comes in 8 oz plastic packets with those easy tear (pull apart) edges kinda like vacuum pack ham. also a tupperware-like container to store it in so you don’t get raw germs in your fridge. it actually works out to be cheaper than canned food and WAY better for cats (obligate carnivores) pretty much all the parts of turkey or chicken or lamb – including organs, blood and bone. uncooked bones are safe. finely ground so not to "gross" to deal with. maybe like spooning raw hamburger into a bowl.

  4. I tend to feed my cat a mixture of brands I can find on sell. But I do stick to certain brands and allow some others as ‘treats’.

  5. We Are so Glad that You have make All those NECESSARY RESEARCH in order to Be so Generous to Provide to All of Our Fury Friends the Most Healthy and accessible Frugal Choices that will also Provide Better quality of Life to All of Our Cats!!
    Thank You for all your very need it Inputs on this MATTER!!

  6. Only just discovered your channel and love the content so apologies if this has already been done but would love to see a British version of this 🙂

  7. I’d like to see best cheap non chicken sensitive stomach or best cheap with organ meat. Cats need organ meat, particularly liver to really thrive.

    I try to stay away from chicken for pets unless it has organ meat in it as well or is fresh cooked or raw. I learned this late with my elderly cat who recently passed. She was a frequent vomiter, so it took me a long time to find foods she wouldn’t vomit up. Salmon always went over best but good salmon or fish cat food is hard to find. Towards the last couple months of her life I found a good combo of cat foods. I am now feeding the younger 2 that combo and they are doing really well on it. The odd thing? Neither one has ever thrown up, not even a hairball, since they came to stay with me last Christmas. And my daughter said she never saw them throw up with her either. She feeds Purina Pro plan.

    We had a little issue in the beginning with really stinky poop and loose stools, especially the one who eats non food things as though they’re tasty morsels (she’s special), but that’s cleared up.

    My current routine with them is:
    1 package of Chicken and Tuna Lickables ($1) split between the 2 and 2/3 cup (split) of Purina Pro Plan Focus Weight management chicken ($36 for 16 lbs ) in the morning.
    1/4 cup each mixed and split of Blue Blissful Belly ($20 for 3 lb) and Rawz turkey and chicken with organ meats ($20 for 3 lbs) in the evening. $76 total and this lasts 2 months at least for the 2 of them. Approximately $.63 per day for premium nutrition with weight management. I might try switching to just the premium foods, in the bigger bags for savings.

    They really like the evening foods and eat them up quickly. They love the Lickables too. The weight management they eat but not as enthusiastically. Both are overweight, though not as much as when they were only eating the weight management. It would then equal to $1 a day to feed them less food that is higher quality. Which is high end but still affordable.

  8. My cats and kitten been eating royal canin dry which is pricey and not the best ingredients.

    We also do various cans for the moisture like you mentioned.

    I am trying to switch to another dry food. They did not seem to care for wellness or blue.
    I will now try the new Nutro or science diet or Iams. Which do you recommend?

  9. It would be nice if you show a up-close video of the food. I would like to see texture with liquid content. Thank you for your videos.

  10. HI I need a large SIZED kibble that my cat will CHEW rather than “inhale” for the health of her teeth and gums. What would you recommend ?!?

  11. Saw a comment below. Want to ask your expert opinion. Is fish bad for cats? And if so, why do they love tuna so much? Or is this an ecological issues (our poor care of waterways)?

  12. My cat has been eating the Whole Hearted brand since he was a kitten and he turned his nose up at the chicken flavor at first lol

  13. Do you have a favorite recipe for homemade cooked food ? We feed are cat cooked chicken breast with liver and a bit of wild rice, peas, crushed boiled egg shells and one in a while throw in a can of tuna or chicken gizzard. Are we missing anything?

  14. boiled kidney beans 50 gms boil chicken heart 200 gms, 2 boiled eggs all separately cooked .. paste together .. when served mixed with 50 gms plain yogurt in feeding bowl on 100 gms paste

  15. I’m transitioning my cat Robert over to home-cooked food. I buy chicken hearts, liver, gizzard and chicken thighs and cook it all in one pot then blend it up for him. I didn’t know better and was feeding him Friskies but he’s gotten fat and had digestive problems. Vet clinic wanted me to switch him to Proplan, which is just overpriced junk. He now is down to just 2 tablespoons of dry food a day now and he’s doing well.

  16. If you don’t want to spend much money on keeping your cat alive, I do believe you should avoid getting a cat until you are willing to. I mean you have to think about that one for a bit… You took in a living creature that depends on you to thrive and you want to give them the bare minimal. Let that sink in.

    I understand that there are many circumstances(legitimate good reasons) leading you to cheap cat food but if your mindset is "I don’t want to spend that much on keeping them alive", then it is not the right time for you to get a cat.

  17. Raw cat food is the most nutritious and relatively cheap compared to tins or sachets. True Instinct is £2.99 for 500g and Nutriment is £3.00 for 500g. Cats need smaller portions because it’s whole-prey, so you get a lot of meals. Dry food clogs the digestive system, the cheaper the worse the food is.
    In the long run, feeding your cat cheap food will cost you more at the vets.

  18. Does the first food option on the list (authority chicken entree pate) smell bad? I am getting a cat soon and was skeptical of wet food for that reason.

  19. What I do is use Fancy Feast, ive gotten the primavera collection that includes garden veggies and greens first ingrediants are pultry broth , turkey liver and wheat gluton. I know it is important that the meat is the most important part of the cat food. For the dry food my kitties have is Purina one Purposful Nutrition for indoor cats.

  20. Stay away from the grain free foods that are usually high in lentils, peas. Chickpeas. I thought I was helping my cats with these foods but instead they had uti issues. I lost my beautiful Duke to complications from high lentil food. Heartbreaking.

  21. Doing research, I read from holistic vets that despite what people think and have been told, fish is not good for cats, especially cats with and are predisposed to UTI ‘S (urinary tract infections). Fish contains phosphorous and magnesium which can be an issue with cats urinary tract health. Fish contains high levels of fatty acids which can lead to vitamin E deficiency in cats and painful conditions. Problem is a lot of canned pet foods has fish oil or some kind of fish in it, so its hard to avoid. I stick with turkey and chicken and a little beef, since they dont seem to be crazy about beef. I rarely give any kind of fish.

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