Top Raw Dog Food Brands [2019]

Top Raw Dog Food Brands [2019]

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I’ve been feeding my dogs a diet of raw food for more than six years.

My experience as a raw feeder and dog nutrition blogger has allowed me to connect with many raw brands, try many foods with my dogs, and more. This is a list of raw food brands that I would feed to my dogs. Some foods on the list I have fed my dogs for years, some I’ve tried, and others I’ve heard amazing things about and know the people behind the brand. Today, I primarily feed DIY raw, however, if you’re new to raw feeding, then premade commercial raw is a great way to start and I hope this list of quality brands is of use.





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  1. I live in Georgia and have been using My Pet Carnivore for more than five years. Love them. I have a friend who swears by Raw Feeding Miami. These companies are great options for those of us in the United States living east of the Mississippi River. I have also tried All Provide which is made right here in Georgia. It’s a little rich for my dogs (with all the supplements they add) especially my old male dog who has numerous health problems. At best I use it as an addition to their food rather than an entire meal.

  2. Hi love your blog. I had a very similar origins story with Allprovide out of GA back in 2014….as you did with Darwin’s. Any input ? Thanks

  3. Let me just start by saying I am grateful for you and all of your videos. In relation to this one, I have gone to almost all of these websites and none of them are affordable for five dogs.

  4. is a very good source. I just started using them. They are out of Maryland . Most of their food is sourced from farms in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I am located in Virginia Beach and it has been hard finding decent raw food close by (reliable shipping) especially during the summer months. Their prices are great and my three dogs love their food. I highly recommend Top Quality Dog Food.

  5. Hi Kimberly, this has been another interesting vid . We have similar company’s here in UK. And for your UK viewers we have to help with finding info about all dog foods. As you know I’ve been prey diet feeder many yrs. But recently my dog is now on meds for hypothyroidism . She has been refusing raw. It’s been frustrating times. I tried a few complete raws here. Nature’s menu nutriment honeys. But still super fussy. I have now found myself going back to older methods of feeding. Broths loafs and home prepared. Sum success and I’m introducing raw organs back into her food and still presenting her with meaty bones. It’s been a real challenge but as her meds for life I really need to be carefull and hopefully she will go back to loving her prey diet. Very unusual as I understand nutrition but when chemistry and meds involved it really shifts the goal posts . Hope all’s well ✌️

  6. You didn’t mention Steve’s Real Food. I live in an apartment studio without the means or space to make my own raw food for my pup. So I rely on buying it ready prepared. I got off track feeding my girl raw by feeding her kibble when we moved from Kauai to the mainland. Watching Dr. Becker’s interview with Steve reminded me of the importance of balanced raw feeding. Kimberly, your videos also helped me, big time! The founder of Steve’s is a pioneer in the raw feeding world. I learned about his company through Dr. Becker’s interview with him. Dr. Karen Becker’s interview with Steve can be found on MercolaHeathyPets’ YouTube channel. I use to feed my 24 pound girl Darwins Raw, while on Kauai, but changed to Steve’s Real Food after the house-move due to apartment living and the inconvenience of unknown UPS delivery times and Florida’s intense heat. The delivered parcel would often be left outside until I returned from work. Steve’s Real Food is sold at mom & pop pet supply shops, so I can pickup a case at my convenience without worrying about theft or spoiling out on my doorstep while I’m at work. Great video, Kimberly! You gave me more options and resources for my Sarabi. Thank You!!

  7. I had to keep pausing to write down the web sites, but this is very helpful. I have been feeding at least part raw from my own kitchen and raw meaty bones for about ten years. I want to toss even the "very excellent kibble." (I have a large husky who has become overweight–7 yrs old and a 115 lb Siberian/arctic wolf cross in top shape-5 yrs. old Both have been with me since infancy. I’m 76 and they are my constant companions, long daily walks, etc.) Thank you for your blogs.

  8. I’m curious what you think about Nature’s Valley Instict/Signature Raw. I’ve been using there older formula for a while now, since it’s one of the few raw, frozen mixes I can find in my local pet stores, though recently they’ve switched up the ingredients. My dog developed chronic pancreatitis(before going raw) and has been improving on this + my own homemade versions.

  9. Kimberly, thanks for sharing. I’m trying Darwin’s and I was curious what you might be thinking about this product. I am constantly trying different brands as well as still doing DIY to keep things mixed up and fresh for the dogs.

  10. Hey Kimberly
    I probably will look into Bones & Co. My dog gets seizures sometimes and if Keto will help it’s definitely worth a look at

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