Tortoise Daily Care Routine

Tortoise Daily Care Routine

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  1. Hello i have juvenile turtle they where born in last September 2019 and i need to clean their legs and i am really afraid because the are really small how can i do any suggestions please ? And as a bedding i put soil and river sand is that ok? I would like to thank you in advance and hope to hear from you very shortly.

  2. We owned a two tortoises and we just let them roam our garden freely. never fed them or anything. We had them for over 15 years before my brother took them.

  3. Totally agree with the people saying this advice is wrong. I got handed a tortoise a few years back. Had to do a lot of research on how to keep one. Because I didn’t want an unhealthy pet.
    The substrate is wrong
    The diet is wrong
    There’s no calcium on the food only the vitamins. Torts need calcium.
    The beaks are over grown, the way to keep the beak nice and trim is to put their food on a piece of slate.
    The baths need to be at least every other day as they don’t tend to drink water. The water they take comes in through their arse’s.
    So much worng with this advise.
    If you want advice check out the tortoise table website. Or any other tortoise websites.

  4. I was going to get one for my grandma because she really really wants a tourist all her dogs died of old age …. seems for exspensive the I thouht

  5. my tortoise wont eat anything besides apples. i tried giving them other greens but it won’t accept them 🙁

  6. you have acknowledged in the comments that you need to change things yet the video is still up – TAKE IT DOWN BEFORE OTHERS DO THINGS THE WRONG WAY TOO!

  7. Oh today my turtle die i soooo sad how can i pass my sadness he was more than just freind we passed 5 years together he leaves me too

  8. I looked down at the comment section and I wasn’t expecting the mass amount of people that suddenly became an expert at this.

  9. I may get a Tortoise for my B-day but first i want to do research i may get one at pet smart a shelter i got to a lot of research before getting one.

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