Toy Poodle: Why Adoption Is A Good Option?

So you want a Toy Poodle, huh? Well, who wouldn’t want to own an elegant, lively, small dog with dense yet well-groomed coat? Owning a Toy Poodle can be made through many ways. The first option is usually to purchase a puppy from a Toy Poodle breeder. To ensure high quality puppies, potential owners must remember to purchase from a reputable breeder – not from puppy mills. Another option, considered the most loving option is to rescue or adopt from dog shelters and volunteer groups.

Some might probably ask, “Is dog rescue or dog adoption indeed a good option?” Here are some reasons why adoption might be a good option for you and your family:

Housebreaking. Consider how much time you need to housebreak a puppy. Can you spare some of your precious time to train this little fellow where and when to eliminate? When adopting a dog, you wouldn’t have to go through this housebreaking process because dogs in shelters are usually adult dogs whose bladders are already fully developed. Besides that, dogs in shelters are most often already housetrained and most rescue groups make sure that the dogs are housetrained before they go to new homes.

Personality and temperament. With a grown dog, you will be able to see the characteristics you are looking for easily than with a puppy. Shelters and rescue groups are working hard to assess the dog’s personality thus you need not to deal with a super active dog when all you wanted was a couch potato or a couch potato when what you wanted was an active dog you can take in your hiking and swimming trips. You can also easily determine if the dog is aggressive or has chewing or digging issues. Your precious shoes and your favorite underwear will be safe then.

Saving a life. By adopting a dog, you are making a difference to the life of a poor creature that is about to be put down. You will be giving that creature the opportunity to continue living in the environment where love and care reside. In additionFree Reprint Articles, you will be helping the community by freeing one space for the shelter to accommodate another abandoned or homeless dog.

Friend for life. Dogs that have been abandoned or separated from the previous owner are more likely to develop strong attachment to their new family to make sure they will never be abandoned again.

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