Trevor’s Favorite Moments from the 2020 Conventions | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Trevor’s Favorite Moments from the 2020 Conventions | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Bernie Sanders’s hands, Lara Trump’s game show and the RNC’s ironic nepotism were a few of Trevor’s favorite moments from the 2020 conventions. Plus, Dulcé Sloan has some interior design thoughts for the RNC and DNC speakers. #DailyShow #Trump #DulcéSloan

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  1. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s speech reminded me of the Emperors speech at the end of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith lol
    "…the Republic will be reorganized…INTO THE FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE"

  2. That gals great..come on over to the " it’s okay to be successful side of life"
    You are famous now too so the money is pouring in. And it’s okay to enjoy it.

  3. Without Bernie or Yang in the running there is no way the Dems win this, especially since people are RIOTING during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and left leaning news outlets fails to condemn such behavior. Anyone with half a brain wants tax paid collages and taxpayer healthcare, how hard is it to make happen? Apparently too hard, so I guess there is no point changing the president.

  4. The newest Gallup Poll shows President Trump’s approval rating with registered black voters increased 9% and went to 24% during the RNC. Trump’s approval rating with registered Hispanic voters also increased to 36%. Turn old Joe over cause he’s Done!

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  6. Man, they really took a step down from John Stewart! This talentless loser should be thanking Trump every day, considering his whole career is based on daily hack jokes aimed at the president… But that’s only when he takes a break from pandering to the DNC, and their criminal loving “social justice”narratives

  7. I wish we could vote for someone who wasn’t bought and paid for by corporations and billionares, like Bernie. Still, I have to hold my nose and vote for Biden. I believe in Democracy not Fascism.

  8. "and by other half, I mean the half that lives in haunted mansions" LOL

    Not gonna lie, I would love a haunted mansion or any kind of mansion or anything bigger than the matchbox I live in.

  9. Identity Politics is so fucking stupid. What ever happened to judge a person by their character not by the color of their skin?

  10. Thankyou Trevor! I love your show. I’d like to just say ONE comment here… If and when all those psycho right-wingers travel to other states to spread chaos and destruction… burn their cars and trucks. Don’t let them leave.

  11. Trevor, I’m in the middle of your book right now and I just got to the part where you find your dad at 24 through the Swiss Embassy.
    There have been so many moments throughout this book that I’ve actually authentically felt like I know you. Like I’ve known you all my life, more so that I regret that I haven’t known you all my life.
    You are my Fufi. I love you, but I do not own you.
    You have transported me through your words, through your eyes & memories, in painful ways, in joyful ways, but mostly in magical ways.
    I had to pause the book and come say this (yes I got the audiobook because I knew having YOU read YOUR book to me was going to be one hell of a good time) because it really is such a wonderful experience.

    Okay. Back to finish Part 1 & get on to Part 2

  12. Please consider where we have been and where we need to go together and why. There is much in this video to process and I challenge you to see it through to the end. It is more than thought provoking, it is enlightening in a challenging way. @

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