Tucker clashes with GOP Senator over police reform in contentious interview

Tucker clashes with GOP Senator over police reform in contentious interview

Tucker Carlson takes on Indiana Sen. Mike Braun on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. I do not support this guy, this guy should be voted out of office. What’s wrong with voters that they would vote for a goon like this?

  2. As long as they put a nice paycheck on their pockets . this guy’s will support anybody or anything. What a coward.

  3. I like tucker but he’s dead wrong on this issue. And doesnt really have a real argument other than fear mongering against police reform.

  4. Soros Democrats and prosecutors have given the mobs carte blanche to run amok. Mike Braun became a RINO not much better than a Democrat..

  5. Braun is obviously a person with no personal standards and takes the easy way out. He mindlessly fuels a fire, and when it gets out of control, he just buries his head in the sand, and tries to hide from his responsibilities.

  6. I usually enjoy Tucker Carlson’s interviews. But when he met with Senator Braun of Indiana he overspoke, interrupted repeatedly, failed to listen and generally abused the Senator. Every time the Senator tried to explain himself Tucker broke in and put words in his mouth. He accused the Senator of not standing up for the police and that he didn’t know what Black Lives Matter stood for. Tucker may think this makes for an interesting interview for some, but he didn’t allow the Senator to stand up for due process for those who are involved.

  7. And so, this senator is doing the same thing as alot of the other’s. He’s going along with the crowd, and he’s helping them to get away with it, and when confronted to be held accountable for his actions, he starts dancing around and dodging like all of the other two faced idiots, that are supporting the riots and that are attacking our officer’s. Smh

  8. Not only should the officer have fired at him, he should have emptied his clip and loaded another and emptied it just for assurance.

  9. I never knew Tucker was such a good interviewer. I would be so confused if it weren’t for him about Braun

  10. The senator is right about one thing: qualified immunity as it is currently put into practice by the courts is not the way to go. It has become almost impossible for citizens to successfully sue cops that overstep the bounds – and that has actually nothing to do with race or BLM, it is something that concerns everybody. I recommend reading up on it. As a matter of fact, there have been many cases in which police have gotten away scot free with actions anyone with an iota of common sense would indeed consider lawless and egregious.

  11. “At a traffic stop like that he shouldn’t have shot a man in the back.” Way to cut absolutely every bit of context out of the situation.

  12. COPS need to be accountable in every way. If COPS can’t do the job without killing people GET A DIFFERENT JOB.

  13. Mike Braun needs to leave the office he holds, please help him voters. He is a deep state operative what crimes against humanity do the deep state have evidence against him of? Mike Braun is his name.

  14. Reyshard Brooks tried to fire a deadly weapon at a cop. You really can’t be surprised with the result. He most definitely wasn’t a victim.

  15. Teflon Braun…just like a politician to avoid answering a specific question! I would NEVER vote for him!

  16. Braun as my kids (or Bugs) used to say "what a maroon"
    He will change his tune when they surround His House (but probably not until)

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