Tucker: The left's shocking reaction to Trump's diagnosis

Tucker: The left's shocking reaction to Trump's diagnosis

Twitter to suspend accounts wishing death on President Trump. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Donald John Trump is a Sociopath:

    * Often goes against the law or social norms.

    * Lies and cheats regularly.

    * Is impulsive and does not make plans for the future.

    * Is not concerned about the safety of others.

    * Tends to use violence and become aggressive.

    * Is irresponsible and unable to meet financial obligations.

    * Has no regrets or guilt.

  2. Trump doesn’t care that he got the Covid, and now he’s leaving the hospital early, to spread it around the White House. Quarantine is supposed to be two weeks. How can anyone support that?

  3. Wow…FOX…and freakin CNN…focusing on foolish comments from literally nobody. Why not focus on the well wishing from Biden. Im not pro Biden btw. But Tucker…while you say these people are spreading hatred you are doing just that. Whatever you vote America, dont cave in to the rabitholes of hatred both sides prepared for you. America unite!

  4. All the masks do is atomizes the small droplets that occur when you sneeze into SMALLER droplets that travel farther than the original droplets. This is to test the waters to see how far they can push the Citizens of this country.

    – POWER
    – RICH
    – WHITE
    It us about those privileges these people have in this system. They don’t give a f***k about the people. COMMUNIST IS FOR THE PEOPLE not the demonic governments like America, GB,Canada,Australia and NZ all sitting on their stolen lands and fighting hard with all sorts of criminal acts to dave there arses. That is why they don’t want any other country to dominate because they will be brought to court to be punished for all those crimes waiting.

  6. I heard several liberals wish President Trump and Melania well, I it think is the correct approach, however disingenuous though! Him getting the virus did not benefit his re-election. He needs to debate again, denounce white supremacy immediately and get to your plan for healthcare and economy. Let Biden talk himself into a loss!

  7. The corona is fake!!
    The corona is alibi to do
    Agenga 21!! I don’t beleve
    Anyone in power!! We are
    All the in tje eorld in danger from
    Evil peole!! S. O. S.!!

  8. This 80 year old nasty Nancy Pelosi is pretending to care about our beloved President Trump. I don’t believe a word she said. This woman Pelosi is up for re-election now. Please save our country by voting this devil out of office for the good of our country. She is EVIL.

  9. As an Australian, I think it is odd that Nancy Pelosi is ‘second in line’ for the presidency. I would have thought that Mike Pence, as VP, would become President if Trump became unable to remain as President due to sickness. The Republicans were elected in 2016, not the Democrats.

  10. "going into crowds" ? didn’t Pelosi want everyone to "come on down to Chinatown" at the onset of the CCP flu?

  11. 4:31 while Tucker Carlson does bring up valid points about how wishing demise on others is bad and there are those who wish the demise of the President, which I believe is completely wrong and everyone should as well, 4:16 – 4:31 has got to be one of the worse leaps in logic I’ve ever seen. Carlson literally says at 4:16 "there are some rooting for the presidents and vice presidents demise" and the clip they played at msnbc just asked "has the white house contacted you (being Nancy Pelosi) about the continuity of government", which in no context implies that they wish the President and Vice President to die, not even in the slightest. The possibility of Pelosi being President opens up ever so slightly, because in reality we can all agree that’s not going to happen, but that doesn’t mean we "wish" for someone to die. Asking if someone contacted you does not mean "hey I wish you were dead." It just doesn’t; it’s like saying 2 + 2 = 5. This just shows some of the glaring jumps in facts and logic within Fox News and a level of corruptness, of which has been proven with countless reports of sexual harassment and overall to much of a for-profit industry, which in short just undermines their validity as a source for news. It’s okay for a news station to lean conservative or liberal, to an extent, because human bias is inevitable, I consider myself to lean conservative, at least from an economic perspective, but this is just skipping facts in order for people to hear what they want to hear. It’s an echo chamber, and it’s not exclusive to Fox, but it’s easily most apparent in Fox, and it must stop, for the sake of this country.

  12. In his “evidence” CNN never said that trump deserved COVID. All they said that it wasn’t a big surprise that he got it. Tucker is literally lying out of his teeth, and anyone who believes this lunatic is clinically insane. Don’t think I’m right? Please, enlighten me.

  13. I refuse to lower my selfrespect to CNN’S level , but..
    ………… I’m so glad I can watch FOX NEWS so that I can get the
    real news …….

  14. I love how people act like how if we had the Biden administration when the virus hit we would be off much better. First off, they have taken every chance to lie about the way the Trump administration handled it. When Fauchi informed Trump about the virus, THE VERY FIRST THING HE DID WAS CLOSE ALL BORDERS TO CHINA AND BIDEN CALLED HIM HOMOPHOBIC, WHICH MOST OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY BACKED. In the VP debate, Harris said why didn’t Pence and Trump trust the American people with their own safety, yet is adamant to force everyone with all these restrictions. For clarity, people can still social distance, quarantine, and wear masks without being forced. But obviously the Biden administration trusts us enough to impose all these restrictions not allowing the people to decide what risks are necessary. Of course I can’t put in better than Pence in the debate "Stop play politics with peoples’ lives."

  15. There isn’t a single Democrat that wishes Trump would die… Are you nuts… 1) that would put Pence in charge… 2) Trump would get a big state funeral, maybe even get interred at Arlington 3) We wouldn’t get the satisfaction of seeing his face turn purple on election night as the entire country votes blue 4) We wouldn’t get to see Trump hauled off to prison next year. 5) We wouldn’t get to see Melania file for divorce and marry that Special Secret Service agent.

    We have too many reasons for Trump to live…. Tucker not so much.

  16. Just look at all the countries that followed science, and got their
    cases way down. And the states that opened up too much or too soon, and
    it shot up. It’s obvious, the more the precautions, the less the Covid

  17. I’m still surprised on how I got so much profits after hearing that a lot of people were scammed . This is just amazing and I’m still shocked thanks. Mrs Joel is the best and don’t hesitate to follow her on Instagram @joelclaytonfx

  18. a mere 200,000 deaths. with trump steering the ship. indefensible
    flaunted safety advice of masks and distancing AND ENCOURAGED US TO DO THE SAME

  19. It’s no surprise the left are degenerates, you watch, all these people who said these things will come down with covid themselves.

  20. Btw about Trump, look when the exterminator removes a rattle snake from my home I dont wish for the good health of the snake!!!!! I don’t hope he dies, but I wouldn’t be upset about it! So many people have suffered directly because of his failures. Bad things should happen to bad people. Stay well Tucker…… Or just keep being you!

  21. "I actually haven’t been to the White House since August 6, because my impression was their approach to how to handle this was different than mine" – MITCH

  22. I think that the extent of the freedom of un corroborated social and twitter comments from unknown people, without the verified ownership of those comments, has dangerous effects on our constitutional justice as a whole, and this is just my opinion. The least we expect as humans is ownership of our statements, if we lose that , we lose our identity as a human race from a world prespective.

  23. Trump is still infectious just saying. It’s a fact that you cannot argue with. Trust me, it’s proven medical knowledge that even after a person recovers fully, they are still infectious for at least 2 weeks.

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