Uber Driver Rights, Dealing With Pets, Service Animals.

Uber Driver Rights, Dealing With Pets, Service Animals.

Uber Driver Rights, Dealing With Pets and Service Animals,

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Can I Refuse a Pet In My Car? Uber Driver.

There are many reasons to refuse a pet into your car. But, can you actually cancel on the rider with a pet while driving for Uber? Let’s look into this together.

There are few things you should know before you refuse a person with a pet.
Service Animals and the Law.
Ways you can stand up for your rights not to let pets or other animals into your car.

Service Animals and the Law.

Drive for UberIn November 13, 2017 Uber Canada has made all of the Uber Partners (Drivers) sign terms and conditions on Service Animal Policy. In Canada it is illegal to refuse service to a person with a service animal. It is also illegal to discriminate against riders with a service animals.

What is a service animal?

It is an animal that helps an individual with their disability, usually a dog. The disability can be visible and not visible.

How do I know if it is a service animal?

Usually you would be able to identify it by the vest, harness, helping a person with disability.

Person with a service animal has a document, such as a latter from a health professional indicating the need for a service animal.
Uber is very strict with violators. It takes 1 person with a service animal being refused for a driver to be deactivated and not able to drive for Uber again. Be very careful when you see a service animal.

Ways you can stand up for your rights not to let pets or other animals into your car.
There are many people who would try to abuse the Uber’s Policy and claim their animal to be a service animal, and drivers can get in trouble.

How can drivers fight for their rights?
There are few ways to do it, although there is still a risk of getting in trouble.

Driver protected by human rights legislation, if he/she is a member of religious group and having a service animal in a car would be undue hardship to the driver. In order to stand your ground on this one follow the 4 steps to protect yourself:
1) Arrive to the location and do not cancel the ride request.
2) Help the rider get another ride.
3) Wait until another ride arrives.
4) Contact Uber using this link.
Make sure you have a document dated prior to the occurrence of the incident.

Drivers allergic to dogs, having a dog in your car would cause and unsafe environment due to medical conditions. Get a doctor’s note for it, prior to the occurrence of the service animal related incident.
Fake Service Animals: Some people will try and get their pet into your car saying it is a service animal. Sometimes they will have a service animal latch on their dog to make it look like it is a service animal. It is also illegal to claim your dog is a service dog, the person can be charged by the government. Inform the person about possible legal actions if the animal is not found to be a service animal, person can be charged up to $5000 fine depending on the provincial legislation. Do not decline your service, contact Uber after the trip.

Ask a rider for a document for the service animal, provided by health care specialist if you do not trust the rider.

The best thing you can do is provide the service and contact Uber with your concerns. You can go after the person after the ride without risking your partnership with Uber.

Dealing with pets in your car.

For example, I do not mind pets in my car, and I do have a blanket for them.

If it is not a service animal, you do not have to accept the ride, you can cancel it. Just explain to the rider the reason, to why you do not want a pet in your car.

What to do if animal makes a mess in your car?
Take your phone and make a picture of it, before you clean it.
Contact Uber and show them your picture.
What happens next?
Uber will determine the cost , charge the rider’s credit card and pay you for cleaning your car.

If someone walks to your car with a snake or other pets, you do not have to accept the pet. Service animals are usually dogs, so if you see something other than a dog, talk to the rider and explain why you are not letting them into your car, cancel and drive away.

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  1. The problem with what you’re suggesting is you have to prove undue hardship. And as you said they can not deny a service animal for allergies. the problem with the religions thing is their our restaurants ran by people with religions that aren’t allowed to be in contact with dogs yet they have to let service animals in their restaurant. In the USA it can be a dog or minature horses and some states or cities allow more animals to be Service animal. I don’t know about Canada but in the USA you can not under any circumstances ask what someone’s disablity is. You can ask what task(s) or work it performs. Quick question how would you know just by looking at a dog for a few seconds I’d it is a fake Service dog?

  2. you should go out and spend $25,000 and then let the dog go in there defecate and do what needs to do cuz your piece of s*** that’s why after they get the $26,000 cardeactivate you and then you lose the car kind of fun right now like you didn’t deserve it

  3. Do I have to allow Pets or Service Dogs?

    Pets: No,
    Service Dogs: Yes
    Service Dogs are not Pets…

    Registration or Vests or Signage are not required

  4. Like uber is going to give a s*** about yourI just can’t believe you guys think boober kids a s*** about anyting they care about money dammit Monday

  5. I think it’s great you think you can talk to Uber and say well the dog was going to attack me who doesn’t give a shitt you assholes always act like uber cares if they’re real little kids about money baby they don’t care about you or your dog care about money p show me the Monday

  6. I do not want to ride in a car after some filthy dog has rubbed there backsides on the seats.  What stupid idyut came up to this.  And who is going to pay for the cleaning of the seats.  And the ripped seats. And how about my allergies.

  7. I was with you 100% of the way until you suggested that religious and cultural reasons are acceptable excuses for refusing to carry an assistance dog/service dog. This is NOT a valid excuse. Only a genuine allergy can be used as a valid excuse.

    I’m very disappointed that you would peddle something that is just not dangerous to the freedoms of disabled people, but is factually wrong!

  8. I follow a pretty simple formula. If you are not either blind or deaf, no dog. And yes, only dogs and only dogs big enough to stop your movement are allowed. A pug cannot stop a dedicated human adult from crossing a street. And anyone who is legitimately blind or deaf will go out of their way to let you know it. Mind you I only say this because I drive a SUV. If I had a car, zero dogs for any reason. Now if your small dog is in a carrying case, I have zero problems. But the moment that dog is allowed out at any point of the trip, I end the trip. In my free time I never leave the house without my 100lbs 7yr Male German Shepherd. I love dogs. 🙂

  9. thats good to know..I dont have a service just a regular dog but now that i know this..i can take my dog anywhere and lie all the way through Lol. 2 questions you can only ask in the US 1. Is that a service animal? My answer Yes..what is it trained to do? My answer…To be with me. LOl and all of it lies Lol

  10. You guys are such scumbags you deserve anything you got bring that service animal in there that’s the law you need to pick up lots of poop and let it tear apart your car cuz you sure deserve it I hate Gruber and I hate Uber

  11. NEVER ASK WHAT A PERSONS DISABILITY IS, or ASK FOR DOCUMENTATION (IN THE UNITED STATES STATES). I’m not sure the regulation in Canada but in the US there are no required IDs or documentation. You can ask if it’s a service animal or and what task or work dose it preform

  12. Igor legally you can not refuse a service dog religion or not.
    That is discrimination of a disabled person’s rights.

  13. Another reason no to drive for uber, i am not letting a fucking pit bull in my car under pretext of it being "service" dog. Risking my life being mauled and or severely injured ?! Nope. Fuck you uber

  14. Religion does not cover you not to let the animal into your car. If you are a public service being allergic or anything like that does not allow you not to cover service to us. Anywhere the public is welcome as in public service such as driving people you must give us the same ability to have the ride you are giving bad advice that are going to get people sued.

  15. Uber only care about money don’t care drivers allergic can cause life and death. They should have options. the law don’t care too but they forgot that working people pay tax not dog

  16. I have a service animal here in the United States under the ADA Laws it states that my service animal can go with me anywhere under federal law now if a driver that works for Uber or Lyft they have two choices they can either follow federal law or not drive for Lyft or Uber those are their choices If a driver that works for Uber violates federal law they could be sued and Uber can be sued under the ADA laws If a driver has allergies two animals then they should not be working for Uber

  17. I don’t even live in America but i even I know Ada laws as I have friends who do live there. For you to sit there and give "tips" on how to circumvent ADA laws is a pretty scumbag move on your part. Thats basically telling drivers to disregard the ADA and to practice discrimination.

    Its disgusting behaviour.

  18. I’d love to be a lyft/uber driver but I can’t have animals, dogs/cats in my car as I’m very allergic to them. It’s not like I don’t like pets, If i could I’d have a dog but I can’t. I would be afraid of telling the person that I couldn’t give them a ride because they have a pet and get the stuff that bothers my lungs, eyes and skin all over me and my car interior.. you can’t just vacuum that stuff off. So I’ve never applied to do that service due to this worry.

  19. It is against the Americans with Disabilities act to ask for paperwork on a person’s disability. Not only will you be deactivated, but you are subject to individual prosecution. Dont know how it is in Canada, but DO NOT DO THIS in the USA!!!

  20. All you need to do is cancel the call when you see the dog and dont say anything to the passenger. just drive past them without stopping. problem solved. Then it isnt denying a service animal because you had no way of knowing since you didnt have communication with them

  21. A service animal does not have to wear a vest by Law please read the ADA law online regarding service animals. My dog helps pull me in my wheelchair and his harness is not a vest. Even people that do not need this service do not have to legally that’s their dogs a vest is not the sign of a service dog it is just respect for the public that makes people like me put a vest on their dogs but it is not required by law.

  22. @IgorRyltsev you will be covered if it would cause an unsafe work environment but not cause of religious beliefs providing you do the 4 things mentioned in the description and sometimes a miniature horse can be considered a service animal and I’m pretty sure you can’t ask for documentation but you are allowed to ask if it’s a service animal and what job/tasks is that animal trained to do.

  23. Igor, in the US service dogs are not required to have cards or vests. If you refuse based on that you could be cut off. If the dog is clearly not trained and out of control….THEN you can refuse. In the US if you ask for a dr letter…again, you’ll be in legal trouble. In the us you can ask if it is a service dog and what tasks the dog has been trained to do. That is IT!

  24. Tell them to put the mutt in the trunk, problem solved. You won’t have to clean hair from seats or risk getting bit while driving, causing an accident.

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