1. Here in miami and miami beach there is no pets any more,all this mfs especially the bitches claim their dogs are service animals but I have to say that maybe 80% are full of shit,fkn liars!

  2. So as a driver who has an emotional support service baboon with flatulance issues, I should be able to drive it around with me and UBER or PAXs shouldn’t have an issue. 😉

  3. Thank you for your detailed examples of how the conversation should go. That has been my question for some time. Now if the person cannot answer the question and I don’t take the ride will I still be at risk for being accused of violating the ADA?

    And I must say that I do disagree with your combining pets with service animals. I shouldn’t be made to take a pet just because. I’m allergic. And I do not drive because I have free time on my hands; there is a need so the don’t drive doesn’t fly with me. Pets can stay home, get on the bus, or be taken for a very long walk. It isn’t the same as a service animal. And drivers shouldn’t have to be penalized because someone likes yo be seen with a dog.

    Lastly, I think service animals should be exclusive to UberAssist. Those drivers have received some training to be supportive of those with special needs. Uber should do marketing around this option.

  4. you were doing good until you accused anyone that does not want an animal in their car of "not liking or wanting to help disabled people", that kind of accusation should not come out of your mouth or anyone else’s! Sad!!

  5. I drive myself I had women as n with dog fog kept going between seats and I had to spend over hour cleaning my leather seats because her dog was running around in muddy grass.

  6. Agreed with the video, it’s not worth being caught in violation of any ADA rules. I understand some dislike pets for whatever reasons, but it’s a small inconvenience if at all to save yourself from deactivation or fines. Just a quick vacuuming and windows down to air out the odor if any I can deal with. If the next passenger has an issue with it just pass the buck saying it’s Uber’s policy and they can cancel if they don’t feel like being in the car afterwards.

  7. If drivers have serious dissatisfaction with animals in general. Best way to avoid it and cancel the ride. Is to drive a few yards ahead from the pick up location, and the rider comes walking to your car. Get a good enough distance that allows the driver to screen the rider from their rear view mirror. If you see your rider with a dog, just drive away quickly and cancel the ride. No harm, No foul. Let another driver take the beat. This also includes elderly citizens with physical disabilities. There should be specialized programs where there are insurance coverages in place if emergencies to happen. Or lawsuits happen. Unfortunately way too many drivers have crap car liability insurance. And to be honest it’s not worth taking high risk riders for $10 a ride.

  8. As an uber driver, i have no problem accepting riders that have a service animal with them; and it might not be a dog. The problem I have is the fact that they are not required to show proof that their animal is a service dog. As a driver you can only asks two questions; Is the animal required because of a disability and what work or task has the animal been trained to perform. So basically a passenger can bring a chihuaha and they can just lie to me saying that it is a service and make up something about what task the animal is trained to do. Then at that point i will have no choice but to take them.

  9. In my 24 years of driving a taxi, I’ve picked up many different types of service animals. A lot of people think that only dogs qualifies as service animals but that’s not true. Monkeys, squirrels, Shetland ponies are also used as service animals and a few cats. And I have picked all of them except the Shetland ponies. Now changing gears, I have picked up a lot of people with pets because the taxi company I worked with had pet friendly drivers requests. Now for me to provide that type of service I always carried special blankets as well as plastic sheeting , special brushes to brush out pet hair and plenty of deodorizers. You will be surprised how much money one can make when specializing in transporting pets. One time I picked up a lady in Houston and took her dog and her cat to Dallas Texas. I charged her a total of $580 for the service and on top of that she gave me a $50 tip. It took me a total of 9 hours doing the round trip to Dallas so that wasn’t a bad day after all, now of course I had to brush out the cab and pull out my carpet cleaning equipment and clean the taxi out which took me another 45 minutes but still, I made good money.

  10. Honestly I’m not sure if your question is okay by Ada standards. I’ve been doing a lot of research on service dogs as it’s something that I may need in the future and technically you’re only allowed to ask if the dog is a service dog and what tasks they’re trained to do. Hypothetically if someone has a diabetes alert dog you can ask what tasks the dog does and they can say alert to drops and blood sugar however it may not be legal for you to ask how that dog alerts.
    I think your question is very polite and I couldn’t imagine someone with a service dog having a problem with your question but you may want to rethink your wording because of the way Society is these days.
    "animal provides, only limited inquiries are allowed. Staff may ask two questions: (1) is the dog a service animal required because of a disability, and (2) what work or task has the dog been trained to perform. Staff cannot ask about the person’s disability, require medical documentation, require a special identification card or training documentation for the dog, or ask that the dog demonstrate its ability to perform the work or task." – from Ada.gov

  11. What happens if you have a medical allergic reaction to certain types of pet dander? In a small enclosed environment, it does matter to your health and safety as a driver. It’s different than being in a bus or larger vehicle, airplane, or store. Are you not allowed to refuse service for the protection of your own health? Some people do legitimately have adverse reactions to such things.

  12. i could care less about the animals,, fuck that.. i drive away if they have an animal.. i drive around like im lost,, and cancel..

    no animals in my car,,, uber doesnt care about us,, if they did they would pay us more, so i dont care,, no animals in my car,,

    dogs shit, dogs leave dog hair, they scratch,, they bite, they pee…………

  13. I believe you can get up to a $10,000 fine. When I drove a city bus we were instructed to ask if their animal was a pet and we were told we could not transport pets. I never challenged an event. Not worth the risk or trouble. This never happened, but if an animal was aggressive to passengers, or myself, fearing harm to a person, then I would have a legitimate challenge.

  14. I know this video is a few months old. But uber and left both will now deactivate you for a single violation regarding service animals

  15. Great points…I really like the b question you posed to the rider that was great I’ll use that. Thank you sir have a beautiful day!

  16. I’ve been driving for Uber for 5 months now. I’ve only had one rider to bring an animal with them. I don’t mind if the rider brings their pets. I trust dogs more the some people.

  17. Also. Service animals are docile. They do not pee or poop in your car. Service animals also wear vests. Comfort animals are basically the same

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