UBER/LYFT: My Experience With Service Dogs: Ep.21

UBER/LYFT: My Experience With Service Dogs: Ep.21

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I was very nervous due to my bad experience with bigger dogs but I started to relax during the ride.
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  1. Looks just like my German Shepherd. They are the best dogs ever. But I wouldn’t trust any Pit Bull, Boxer or Rockwilders in my car doing car service.

  2. You should contact a you tuber named Molly Burke She is blind and made a video of how hard it is for her to get a Uber cause even though it is illegal they will not take her because of a service dog. The video is really sad.

  3. That’s a real service dog! Finally and please ask them if its a service dog for a disability and what tasks it preforms to aid with the disability. If they say emotional support that isn’t a service dog.

  4. That German Shepherd is absolutely gorgeous. I love when you showed your Chihuahua he is the cutest little thing ever.

  5. uff thats a tough one. i mean service dogs are tranied to be behaving but still maybe you shudve gotten just a small cleaning fee or something. that was alot of extra work.

  6. Well you don’t have a problem with big dogs you have problems with some dogs. The dogs don’t know they’re “big” they’re just themselves. Any dog is capable of being aggressive or nice wether they’re big or small. Attaching that stigmatism to a larger breed dog isn’t fair.

  7. I wanted to say that if the dog had a guide dog harness on like that one it’s 99% a real SD because those guide dog harnesses are very hard to get.

  8. I have an emotional support pitbull. She is 100% trained and complies to commands. I also carry a a beach towel to put over driver’s seats to protect their car from fur. She lays on her towel and just on her towel.

  9. I used to work for Hertz Rent-a-Car and they would charge customers extra to clean dog hair why should we have to I think if you have a service dog or emotional support dog you should be charged extra I myself am allergic to dogs and cats and the cars at Hertz were professionally cleaned

  10. Very cool video… shows how an actual service dog behaves…. and I feel your pain about the big dog fear…I got big by a dog…. I’m still skittish around them… stay safe

  11. Problem is if you ASK them the service dog "questions", some people feel it’s intrusive and will hit you with a One-Star rating.

  12. *You and your personality….i didn’t picture you with a tiny pup like you have…. but your pup is extremely adorable!!*

  13. No bcuz there can be lots of legal issues, most people don’t know that if you drop your car seat IT’S TRASH just like motorcycle helmets, and if the car seat was ever in a car that had an accident it’s trash. They are only designed to withstand ONE ACCIDENT also there are several different types and sizes of seats depending on the child’s age and weight so if you provide a seat that isn’t appropriate and SAFE for that specific child and you get into an accident and that child gets hurt or even worse, dies because they weren’t protected then THE DRIVER WILL BE SUED. That’s the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY.

  14. You are required to take "Service Dogs" but aren’t you also required by Law to have you passenger wear his seatbelt?

  15. I showed up for the pickup and waited 5 mins and no one showed up. I cancelled the ride, 30 mins later Uber suspended my account. Still inactive

  16. I’m a driver and actually carry a sheet and blanket in my car for this very reason, but havent had to use it yet

  17. Yooo broo got to change those earbuds broo get the ones that goes around your ears they dont fall off had the same issue but happy with the ones around ur ears

  18. bro I am a uber driver and when I take service animals I was instructed by the owner to pull the front passenger seat forward as possible and let the animal lay on the floor of the car and not your seat.

  19. Some service dogs from my understanding also helps a person realize that they’re about ready to go into a epilepsy fit or low on sugar… From my understanding Chihuahuas help someone who has asthma… Also some people have depression and they need comfort from their service dog….
    Many have gotten close to suicide…and it’s their dog who has prevented them from doing so… The ladder I have known people with depression and it’s their dogs that pull them through…

  20. For these people saying the customer should have to pay a cleaning fee… Should someone with a walker pay a cleaning fee if there wheels leave dirt on the ground? Should someone with a wheelchair pay a cleaning fee for leaving tread marks? These dogs are medical devices. They save lives and keep us alive. Thank goodness it’s against the law to charge handlers a cleaning fee where I am.

  21. I have a conversation with a rider about her services dogs , 2 bulldogs. She told me that she need both of them for emotional support. I did not believe it. She got mad because I question about it , so I cancel the ride.
    In my opinion , uber should ask the driver if want to take the ride. I know a few persons that are allergic to animal’s hair. I preffer not to take people with animals. Most of the time are emotional support not a real service one. I have seen big old drunk man pulling a little dog and saying is a service dog.

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