Ultimate Dog Tease

Ultimate Dog Tease

Dogs… Love…. Food.
Video by Andrew Grantham: http://facebook.com/klaatu42
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  1. You know that bacon …that is like maple ?
    HaHa dog owner looking to get killed hahaha .
    You do realize that after you are dead…your dog will eat your flesh
    hahaaa later ….

  2. This came out in 2011 and I’m only finding out about this now because 2 of my favourite youtubers where talking about it recently

  3. this is the third video i liked. i was looking through the "Liked Videos" on my channel, and came across this.

  4. I took care of a stray tabby cat out at the R.V. storage outside of Corpus Christi a few years ago. I LOVED to watch how his eyes would dialate, and he’d get this absolutelly CRAZY look when I’d pass a fried chicken box in front of his nose to let him get a whiff of the chicken that I had brought to him out there in the barn… I wondered every morning if the nearby coyote pack had caught, and eaten him, but one day I saw his crushed body outside the gate on the road. At least he got a LOT of love for one short month anyhow. I buried him out under a tree….

  5. I. CANT. STOP. WATCHING THIS VIIIIID. After all these years, "I just couldn’t stop thinkin about it." Love the pup so much <3

  6. well I watched this in 2011 and I still come back to watch every now and then … this is the only few video I’d like to watch over and over again when I need something fun and simple. It’s 2019 now and time flies!

  7. I wonder about Clarke the dog from time to time. Such personality. I had heard yrs ago that he was to get his own show or somethg, but it never happened to my knowledge. No matter, he is a star in his own right, Love Clarke!!

  8. I showed this to my 88 yr old mother today Ohh My she laughed & laughed, she said it was the funniest video she has ever seen… It was just part of a good Mothers Day being glad I still have her at 88 …

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