ULTIMATE FERRET CARE GUIDE 2020 | Pazuandfriends

ULTIMATE FERRET CARE GUIDE 2020 | Pazuandfriends

I’m so happy to present to you all a NEW Ultimate Ferret Care Guide! If you have questions, I answer DMs actively on Instagram and Discord. Don’t forget about our giveaway at 4k subscribers! **FOR TIMESTAMPS, CHECK THE PINNED COMMENT BELOW**

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○ Ferret First Aid Kit…https://www.themodernferret.com/ferret-first-aid-kit-for-2019/
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○ The Holistic Ferret Forum… https://holisticferretforum.com/
○ Ferret Vet List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ka_ERZf0mFfKsPumxriKP0UcB1X-jBuFFpSKL5D7Mfw/edit?fbclid=IwAR3V63cMOjhg-lOWdws53gyHIBzdcjfp44jySzFPUow_n9cflF8Z7kism5k

Thank you for the click! This channel is run by four raw fed slinky cat snakes and their momma (Bryn) we make educational videos, to help other pet parents learn how to take care of us! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

♡ Momo- Champagne REW Ferret
♡ Appa- Marked REW Ferret
♡ Howl- Silver mitt Ferret
♡ Pazu – Standard hooded poley Ferret

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  1. Thank you so much for these ferret videos they are so much help and it helped me get my own two ferrets

  2. I’m a vegetarian and I’m worried if I do get ferrets (I’ve still got to convince my parents, I’ve got the money and have been researching for ages, I own and look after my own bearded dragon who I’ve had for a year and he’s very healthy) I won’t be able to raw feed them because I don’t want to touch meat (call me fussy all you wish) but I don’t want it to get ill because I can’t feed it meat. I’ve heard that giving it cibble is ok but not as healthy and good for them as raw feeding.

  3. I am only able to have one ferret do you have tips to make sure it doesn’t become depressed and or if it’s worth having one ferret? Also if anyone lives in south Florida so you know of any shelters ?

  4. I really want a ferry, but I don’t think I would do to go with one as I don’t like bitting very much, I don’t think I would be able to let my ferret out for long enough as I am at school.

  5. I am wanting to get a ferret but I do not have the ability to get two (For undisclosed reasons) but I do not want my ferret to be depressed! I plan on spending a lot of time with my ferret. What can I do?

  6. Does anyone know where I can adopt from? I live in Shrewsbury and there are no shelters around I’ve tried websites but there is no ferrets near me x

  7. What video games do you play on your awesome setup? BTW loving those surround sound Logitech headphones! Have a Great Day!!!

  8. I wanted tips to care for ferrets not a passive aggressive guide on how to treat my ferrets the same as u do

  9. About not having to buy a cage. What if you work in the day times, I wouldn’t want to leave them unsupervised in the house (especially if they’re new) so would keeping them in a cage whilst I’m at work and then opening the cage when I’m home be alright?

  10. Hey so these questions can sound kinda like I already have ferrets but I don’t that’s why I’m asking all these questions
    Q1 Can you pls pls make a video on how you potty trained your ferrets if they haven’t been trained yet?
    Q2 And if you don’t have a friend who’s free to take care of your ferrets when you’re going abroad , do you bring them ? If so how can they be let on the plane and how much are tickets for them (each) ?
    Q3 Could I also know where you can find bred ferrets cause I would want I nice unmilled ferret.
    Q4 Also how much raw meat should I give them for each time of the day, and what kind of snacks can I give them in between meals , also… should I just give them raw meat for all meals like the WHOLE TIME , or should I add some kibble , or never add kibble like [KIBBLE IS EVIL IT WILL DESTROY YOUR FERRET] , or should I cook the meat that kinda stuff.
    Q5 Wait the veterinarian operates under anesthesia?
    Q6 As a student how do I know that my ferrets are safe at home while I’m at school and I’m kinda leaving them unsupervised, with no one at home how do I make sure they get their nutrition and exercise and not pee every where while I’m outside ( I cannot bring any gadgets to school so I cannot access them through CCTV)
    Q7 Since I have 2 dogs , I’m scared that they would want to come for the ferrets so I found a spot in my room where the ferrets can eat and play (which would be secured by a “cage”/ a metal fence , also how can I secure the fence onto my wall without the ferrets pushing it down ? ) in the day and I could get cage for them to sleep at night. Would this be a good idea ?
    Q8 Even if I feed my ferrets an all raw meat diet I still need to brush their teeth every other day ? [Cuz in the video you said that if my ferrets were on a dry food diet (but raw meat isn’t dry so I was just askin’ )]
    I just want to say sorry for the amount of questions I asked and I hope you’re fine answering these questions of mine

  11. My parents aren’t together and I have a ferret her name is Vanilla because of her fur. However, I am going to my dads for about a week and I want to be able to take her with me. I have another ferret that has to stay at my moms home because it’s my sisters. How would I be able to take my ferret with me without taking her cage?

  12. so my ferret won’t eat a raw diet, we’ve tried so hard to get her on one but she’ll just starve herself instead

  13. I’m scared to get one because I have a gaming chair that I roll around in and I don’t want to hurt one

    00:55 Adopt or Shop?
    02:24 Pros to Adopting
    03:49 Where to Find Ferrets
    04:07 Other Ways to Help Ferrets
    04:21 Ferret Breeds
    06:44 One or Two Ferrets?
    08:27 Ferret Lifespan
    09:08 Diet
    09:36 The Benefits of Raw Diets
    12:16 My Mentoring Program
    12:47 Free Ranging Your Ferrets
    13:59 Treats/ Supplements
    14:08 Bad Products for Ferrets
    14:49 Ferret Maintenance
    16:23 Enrichment
    17:05 Sleep time!
    17:40 Ferret Behavior
    18:42 Vet Care- Holistic vs Conventional

    I forgot to discuss water bottles vs crocks. DON’T USE BOTTLES! Messes up the teefers.

  15. i was wondering, my dogs are fed on fully raw diet (bones, organs, meat, range of things) if i were to take this diet and manage portions would i be able to feed the meat ferrets too?

  16. Ok so we’re should I get mine at? I live in mundelein Illinois and there’s a PetSmart, etc. I was going to get mine from the petstore but after you said not to get it from there I got confused on were to get it from.. 🙁

  17. Ive had a couple in the past i recently got a 7 month old male.and hes literally the badest animal ive ever owned play play play play.thatts it he bites sometimes to hard its almost like hes on crack constantly doing war dances.andbyou know there stubborn and when even if you try to calm him they get worst.ive tooken him outside hes not alone i pitbull. Who when just trying to sleep he bites jumps even trying to ride him.he recently started growling at him wich ive never seen.ive hear try to scruff them and it could help but not him.i have an insane prankster.he takes everything.when im tring to sleep he will try to escape to the point where i worry hes gonna hurt himself im afraid he wont. Calm.i feed him regular f. Food with pinky mice raw meet egg yolk here n there.but they ussally sleep 13 14 hours a day he sleeps maybe 6 and i got rid of his cage cause he wont stay calm what can i do.ive had a couple who were the funniest best pets ever but this guy i have to chase him around the house so he dont hurt himself

  18. I got my ferret from a pet store but when I went to get his nails cut at the same store, I saw no ferrets there. So my question is “do all pet stores have those mills?”

  19. Sadly I can only get ferrets from a local pet store…in my entire state, there is no ferret breeder or shelter. Luckily my ferret is very healthy and honestly he’s the best behaved ferret I’ve ever met- my ferret was said that they went to the vet a few months before

  20. My ferret adopted me… he just kept coming into my house randomly and it was my neighbors! They were mistreating him and he kept getting out of their house so they let me keep him :))

  21. Hi, I’m getting a ferret soon and this video was very helpful thank you so so much but I do have one thing to ask. I’m scared to shop on Craigslist for a ferret but it may be my only option. My mom is the one driving me and she won’t want to drive me an hour away from my house to go to a shelter ): if you have any suggestions, please tell me thank you!

  22. This is scary bc I am 10 and I’m getting two and the Deseises and I’m pretty horrified that I might not be good enough and I now know to get one from a animal sheltwr

  23. Thank you so much for this video! You are so educated and straight foward with facts. I showed my mom this to get my ferret another friend so where he isnt so lonely. Shes looking into it, thank you for being so honest and informal, ive learned more from your videos than i have from google or anywhere else for that matter! Im trying to adopt from a shelter after hearing that they can come with health defects and ferret mills, youve also convinced me to start feeding my ferret meet, i havent started yet but soon i will. Thank you for your videos there a blessing ❤️ (also i ferret proofed my room because i didnt realize the dangers until ive started seeing your videos. I also give him more play time and trying to reach over 4 hours a day)

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