Ultimate Lizard Compilation of 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

Ultimate Lizard Compilation of 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

This all lizard and reptile weekly comp from Funny Pet Videos is filled with hilarious bloopers and reaction shots from the funniest lizards Iguanas, Bearded Dragons and more of your favorite reptiles!

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  1. I know this video is kinda old but what type of lizards are the green ones that lick in the video? Are they anoles?

  2. Oh my goodness, that leopard gecko one on the blue car was HORRIBLE. They’re endangering that poor little thing. This is why little kids shouldn’t be left alone with animals- theyll do stuff like that. Where are their parents? Why arent they watching them when there is a leopard gecko with them? That gecko fell off when the car hit the carpet, and that dog could’ve injured the gecko somehow. Not to mention fast movement like that and very little space on top of the car can scare them. The poor gecko was probably so stressed. Not to mention that geckos tail was fairly skinny. Then at 5:42 they’re using SAND substrate, and feeding them crickets ON the sand. That can cause major health problems. Then, theres 7:02. How that girl reacted was HORRIBLE. She should know better. The poor gecko was probably squished or probably fell to its death because of her foolish overreaction. You cant use the excuse of "Shes just a kid. She doesnt know any better" because it’s common sense that you can hurt something by reacting that way. This is horrible.


  4. Bro the girl with the blue car pissed me off and most of the other vids did too but the one of the person feeding their leopard gecko that sauce lookin stuff idk if that’s right or not pretty sure they only supposed to have insects with their supplements they need

  5. Some of these videos are actually cute but I have a leopard gecko and you have to be gentle!!!!! Don’t allow children to have reptiles bc they’re incredibly complex and require very specific care

  6. Some people are idiots when it comes to animal care!!!! I can’t believe what some of these people did with their lizards!!!

  7. 2:23 and 1:43 what the frick bro?!
    First..those 2 geckos should not be on a rope like that…very dangerous..
    Second..that leopard gecko Was in a car….And slipped under a rug! You need to be very careful with those creatures..and look at it’s tail! Way to skinny.

  8. I came here to laugh, left here feeling bad for all those reptiles that have morons taking care of them.

    (Some ppl in this video were taking good care of them though)

  9. At least I’m not the only 1 that takes their lizard out to get exercise, to play or take outside to get fresh air!!! Now I wanna get my Leo a mini car!!! Lol

  10. OMG I JUST REALIZED THIS!!! the cat has saliva the saliva soaks in the tounge the cat licks its self everywere PAWS a lot touches the reptile the reptiles skin dies then the reptile eats the dead skin off CAT SALIVA IS VERY POISONOUS TO REPTILES!!!

  11. This really isn’t funny!! Do people really have no idea how to treat their animals?! Putting your lizards on cars, and slamming them into stuff, is not ok!! I’m not trying to be rude, but this made me really upset on a lot of different levels.. These creatures are not toys, and need to be treated right!

  12. this is sad im young and i have a baby beardie but hell i know thats abuse this is sad honestly i wouldnt let those kids near these lizards

  13. i hate how when your spending time with your crested gecko they always just YEEET!!!!
    and they go decently fast and a little far well for a lizard pretty far.

  14. Oh my gosh the stress I feel watching a leopard gecko be kept on loose substrate (impaction). Also on the toy cars… they are going to lose their tails which is where they store their fat and nutrients.

  15. A lot of reptile owners are saying the Leopard geckos are underweight. What’s a good weight for a gecko? I’m thinking of getting one.

  16. Putting your Cresties on a tiny string like that is pretty stressful, they had a nice soft landing right under them and pretty close but a lot of experienced owners do this. This video has lots of no nos that anyone who does research would advise against. But I’ve seen many people do this with hoodie strings too. Even though your crested would be safe if it fell from that many inches, they’re not aware of that. They’re trying to hold on and are struggling and stressed, imagine someone putting you on super thin monkey bars 10x your height.

    Also my heart stopped in the video of the boy trying to get his camera to focus, I really hope the gecko is okay, it’s so natural for these guys to jump and that scream alone would make me stressed not to mention the fall into concrete. Ughh I’m so sick watching this.

  17. i would like a single reptile compilation that doesnt include people purposefully putting their lizards in danger please

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