UNHhhh Ep. 128: Procrastination

UNHhhh Ep. 128: Procrastination

Eh, we’ll think of a description later. Something about Trixie and Katya talkin’ about waiting too long to do stuff, then answering Twitter questions.

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Produced by
Pete Williams

Edited by
Jeff Maccubbin
Ron Hill

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  1. I literally skipped this episode last week because I was procrastinating writing my BA seminar paper and it felt too real

  2. Katya always looks gorgeous…but is it me… or does she look even more phenomenal lately?! I’m also right there with you hunny, been watching Hannibal on Netflix… They’re in serious talks to finally do a season 4!!!

  3. I love Katya, she’s so beautiful and glamorous in drag and out, and I would totally *quack* off to her at work.

  4. Hi everyone, how are you guys on this mighty fine time to be alive? I’m having a trash day, too, thanks for asking! I really need y’all’s help over here. So there’s this episode that for the life of me I cannot remember the name, but in it Trixie is telling Katya about her childhood dog, I guess, and that he died whilst being attacked by a bear (?). Can anyone tell me which one is it? Thank you for your attention.

  5. I’m at work rn, where I should be making a very important phone to a customer but instead I’m catching up on the show lol Procrastinating!

  6. I’m watching this instead of working out. I have to be able to dead lift 200lb and I can literally only pick up the fuckin bar

  7. Trixies makeup: flawless
    Katyas personality: flawless
    Camera work: flawless
    Editing: flawless
    Top of the world trade centre 9th September 2001: floorless

  8. I "watched" this episode 6 times and I still have no idea what they talked about… Is that procrastinating focus or just ADHD?

  9. “Scowling… have a sharp knife in the hand at all times…” ya know this kind of powerful advice should not be free, but I’m so gratefuhnnnl that it is and that’s all I came to say.

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