Urgent Care over Emergency Care for Most Concerns


There is a time and a place for a visit to the emergency room. Unfortunately, with limited health insurance and even less regular physicians, many people are taking issues that are not dire and spending not only an incredible amount of time but also copious amounts of money to have simple ailments treated. This is seriously unfortunate for those people who are forced to resort to this type of treatment in order to receive any sort of medical attention, but they are by no means the only people who are suffering as a result of using this emergency resource for common problems. Those who are seriously wounded or gravely ill are losing time that could be used to treat them because so much attention is being diverted to non-life-threatening concerns. It is because of these reasons that a new sort of clinic has begun to spring up. It is called urgent care and it caters to the needs of people who need medical attention but don’t necessarily need someone to treat them critically. One of the first problems of not utilizing an urgent care facility is that regardless of when you go to the emergency room, you are bound to be waiting for a significant length of time. This is a result of a number of different factors. First of all there are a lot of people who are using these departments as their primary physician. This leads to a backlog of people waiting to see a doctor who often will spend many hours in the hopes of seeing someone. Another factor is the use of triage in determining whom to treat first. This means that those with the most pressing medical emergencies get seen first regardless of how long other people have been waiting. That need for prioritizing whom to give attention to first results in some people sitting for an inordinate amount of time waiting to be examined because they have the flu and many other people have suffered a serious trauma or are facing a life limiting condition. These people who are in dire straits also are seriously compromised by the use of emergency departments for situations that would be better suited to an urgent care clinic. That is because if they come in and a doctor is already seeing a patient who has, for instance, the flu, then they will be waiting as well. A doctor is not going to simply walk out on one patient simply because another has been rushed in and needs immediate attention. This causes precious time to be lost in treatment of things that require little more than a brief examination and a prescription for something to alleviate the symptoms. This is exactly what makes urgent care so great. It employs highly qualified health professionals to address the concerns of people who need to see a physician but do not necessarily need the treatment of an ER doctor. They can treat anything from a urinary tract infection to a broken arm. They have all of the resources and knowledge of any hospital, but are simply geared toward treating those conditions that most commonly afflict people.

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