Value of Imparting Sex Tips and Education to Peoples in Hindi

Our society is going through very troubled times and the children and youth are suffering the maximum. Sex is a normal activity of life but for the children and teenagers it creates lots of curiosity and they like to get answers to their question but they do not really find anyone for that. The parents and elders do not feel comfortable to discuss about sex freely and this actually gives rise to inadequate knowledge leading to increased number of crimes related to sex. The numbers of broken relationships, broken marriages, unwanted pregnancy, and children out of wedlock are increasing which indicates that this is the high time to introduce sex education in schools. Sex education will be helpful for the children and youths if incorporated at right time. Most of the people of India speak in Hindi so if the sex tips in Hindi are provided then maximum number of people could get the benefit.

Sex education in schools should start at the early stage it normally should cover the topics like-

Government along with the various social organizations is trying to arrange for workshops, campaigns through the radio, television and newspapers so that people could get sex education even in the remote places. Professionals are placed in schools and colleges to teach sex education in schools. Many married adults do not fair idea about sex and they face various sexual problems which could only be handles if they have adequate knowledge of sex. Sex is an activity to enjoy and it is needed that both the boys and girls know about this process well. Sex tips in Hindi could reach more number of adults and helps them in having safe sexArticle Submission, preventing sexually transmitted diseases and birth control between the two children which help a couple to have stable economical and social life.

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