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  1. Gigi Schuster on September 19, 2022 at 9:19 am

    Meanwhile those like myself with Severe CPTSD because of our governments foster care system and public school bullies, I also have severe Hypoglycemia and needed a $27,000 Service Dog and yet no government help nor aid for civilians like me, and if you can’t work full-time and on disability because of it you can’t raise money on GoFundMe as it’s seen as you are making money for yourself and counts against your SSI/SSDI and so you have no help by the very government who f## you up and over as a child, teen and then I’m failing you in justice system because of a Domestic Abuse ex. No you have to come up with the money or you don’t get a Service Dog, and many Service Dog Facilities as I have found are prejudice to single civillan women who live alone on disability in need of a service dog. They think your incapable, they think you have no safety net, your not ready or if you have an EMS Task Trained Dog at home , they don’t think you need a Service Dog for when out and about. My faith in our rotten double standard preferential treatment for the need of a Service Dog aid from government disgusts me to no end. They cause the misery and hell in their foster care system and public schools and when someone needs a Service Dog because of that they won’t step up and do right, they won’t offer anything to help you unless you served.

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