Vets Guide to Feeding Raw Pet Food

Vets Guide to Feeding Raw Pet Food

AVMA Policy on Raw and Undercooked pet food:

1. Evidence of risks associated with raw pet food diets:

Current knowledge about the risks and benefits of raw meat–based diets for dogs and cats:

Tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovis in pet cats associated with feeding a commercial raw food diet:

Highly suspected cases of salmonellosis in two cats fed with a commercial raw meat-based diet: health risks to animals and zoonotic implications:

Septicemic Salmonellosis in Two Cats Fed a Raw-Meat Diet:

Raw dog food contains drug resistant bacteria, study finds:

Link to the actual Journal article “Raw diets for dogs and cats: a review, with particular reference to microbiological hazards”:

2. Feeding a home-cooked diet:

When Feeding a home-cooked diet to your pet please consult a board certified veterinary nutritionalist. Here is a link for their information:

3. Information and guidlines on how to choose food for your pet:

Global nutrition guidlines for pets:

Global Nutrition Guidelines

Selecting the best food for your pet:

The Savvy Cat Owner’s Guide to Nutrition on the Internet:

The Savvy Dog Owner’s Guide to Nutrition on the Internet:

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  1. No hate at all over what your saying but I see so many dogs doing well on raw meat diets like the YouTube channel gohan the husky do you think there doing well in raw meat because they balance the food in a certain way? Again no hate this is a genuine question keep up the cool videos on tik tok

  2. I’m a UK vet nurse, one of my collegues has two bengal cats who were raw fed by the breeder. They now have chronic gastro intestinal issues that they still haven’t got over caused by certain bacteria. On the other hand we have clients with pets who tried all the big brand allergy brand food for their dogs but a raw diet actually worked best. The problem isn’t the raw diet its when it’s not done carefully and correctly and very few people have the time, money and knowledge to do these things correctly. I certainly am not an advocate for it but when something works it works.

  3. I can’t trust pet food!! My dog was diagnosed with ibd and that was after my vet dewormed her 3 times even though her stool samples kept coming back negative. Finally after an ultrasound she was diagnosed with ibd i asked what I do next for my dog and she basically said I was shit out of luck and sent us on our way. I switched her to raw feed and this dog is a different dog . She is an American bulldog. She had lost all muscle mass stomach was always bloated and she was always in pain. Now the bloating is gone her muscle mass has improved , she acts like a puppy pouncing around. I respect that you have your opinion and I have mine but animals eat other animals .

  4. Btw I’m sorry for all the stuttering, I was nervous making this video after how the last one was received, but I’ve waited far too long to respond. This is a message I really care about and I want to be as transparent as possible, so you can all be informed pet owners and come to your own conclusions. At the same time I know there are plenty of problems with kibble diets sold which I will address later. My goals are simply to help navigate you through the web of misinformation and marketing ploys. I did not become a vet to profit needlessly off of pet owners and I would not have willingly taken on all this debt if I did not care about the health of pets and advancement of the human-animal bond. Please question everything you see below.

  5. I’m hear to feed may cat raw meat ONLY because my cat never got meat as a kitten and I’ve heard that as a kitten they need raw meat to grow up and have strong bones, I would like you to explain this to me because I was thinking of feeding my cat raw meat as a one in a life time thing. I would like it if you can explain me this and give me info about this.

  6. When have you ever treated a dog for salmonella, e coli, etc o wise one?? You haven’t lol. There’s almost 0 risk to feeding a dog a raw food diet if done properly. But when a commercial food company like blue recalls all of their shit because it has e coli that goes unnoticed huh? Makes sense

  7. Raw food diet is good if you know how to make it and preserve it. Unfortunately, not many people can do it properly. I would advice to buy raw food from pet store to ensure it meet the nutritional balance. For me, I just buy premium canned food because cat has low thirst drive. 1 5.5 oz of canned food from Nutrience as main meal and some kibbles from Tiki Cat as supplementary.

    Problem with Kibbles because it contains lots of carbs which lead to obesity, diabetes, FLUTD and kidney diseases. Canned food tends to have low carb and higher meat protein.

    Also, the “prescription” diets are not regulated by law, they are just for marketing and there’s no law regulate the word “prescription” or “veterinarian approved”. unlike human prescription diet, it is regulated by FDA. In North America, the regulation on pet foods are very loose, and most of the ingredients are feeding grade which isn’t for human consumption. Unfortunately, AAFCO isn’t a government agency which oversees the pet food standards. Europe has very strict regulations on pet foods which has to be human graded ingredients.

    The lack of oversight in the pet food industry which lead to lots of recalls and deaths especially 2008 melamine poisoning.

  8. My vet told me to put my cat on a raw meat diet. After listening to you I think it’s only appropriate that I get my vet fired.

  9. It is a shame that you had to apologize. The first video was funny. It was a good mix of humour and serious content. There are millions of videos that are purely bs opinion that are given far too much credit. The simple fact that you sighted peer reviewed studies into the subject matter is enough for those who have enough brain cells to bang together. The negative feedback is a sad indictment of the mindset of many people and the chronic lack of critical thinking. Please keep making videos.

  10. Hey Andrew! Sorry for all the hateful comments people posted on your last video. You’re doing a good job, keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Ugh, i feel so bad for how absolutely blind he is towards the large brand companies and his nutrition classes. It definitely has been proven that large kibble companies fund vet school nutrition classes. Wish he would open his eyes and do some research.

  12. Loving the vids. About to check some of your other uploads. Oh by the way, have a look at FollowSM . c o m!!! Ever since I started using it on my main channel my videos are ranking much better!!!

  13. Man you seem stressed out. Hope you are doing alright. I’m starting vet school in Virginia this fall and your videos helped me so much. Thank you for making these videos and providing me and other students with valuable information. Really happy you’re doing ok and hope I can help you in any way since I have found your videos so helpful to me

  14. Super ready for the next video. Been researching dog food and nutrition constantly for my new large breed puppy. Interested to hear your view points. Soon please!

  15. We should trust vets because they spend 8 years racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt getting educations from corrupt systems then ending in a field with some high suicide rates just to be able to help all of our pets who get sick from poor nutrition marketed to us by the pet food companies that gave him free lunch and food donations in university. Thats what I heard. Anyone else?

  16. Hey I don’t know if you’ll see this… But I have a question… Didn’t dogs evolve a shorter intestinal tract specifically to minimize the risk of getting sick from eating food with bacteria in it???

    Edit: also there’s no denying that their wild ancestors ate nothing but raw meat…. I’m looking into this area because my dog doesn’t eat well… And we’re buying a rather expensive dog food along with topper just to get him to eat…

  17. why you are sorry for being sarcasy and funny its soo disspointing.. Also U said "as a professional" so all pros are boring people? they dont even jokes? well if you are happy with that goodluck but Im disspointed because we lost another person and now hes trying to be "professional normal vet" well goodluck budy you lost against this maniac society.

  18. I am surprised that all those good and nutrition knowledgeable vets which you have shown in your previous video did not sue you.

  19. You should cover your opinions on the Books "B.A.R.F DIET," and "FEED YOUR DOG A BONE"
    I’ve read them both, but I do not feel like you covered a lot of the arguments presented in those books that advocate for raw food diets. (Books written by a Veterinarian)

  20. Thankyou for all this information! Currently trying to switch my dog off raw to dog food but, he will not touch the kibble. Any recommendations?

  21. If you are so interested in nutrition- did you actually go and looked how and from what they make the kibble.
    Please go to LOOK personally at all ingredients before you make the third video.

  22. No need to apologize for an honest and truthful advocacy. I was born to a family with pets. Actually, they feed them cooked human foods we eat all the time and they live up to 15 years with no serious ailments. They dont even use nutritional supplements during those times. Just like humans, they adapt. Thats part of evolution. But for my own non-human companions, I provide them with nutritional supplements to avoid deficiencies. Time will tell if they will live longer than those of our childhood family "pets".

  23. Hi dr woods, this is the only video that I have seen of you, honestly as bad as the other one may be who am I to judge? God knows I have made my own mistakes, What I notice is that you’re apologizing & having the guts to do that is not easy to do so you have my respect, moving on I lost my 13 year old friend (my lab) 5 days ago, I’ve done nothing but watch her pics & videos, talk about her & cry, I wanted to change my dogs to a home made dog diet & had been researching & reading & had been adding little bits of food to their kibble as it was something a vet(not my own but one that I know from out of state) recommended, I am having a hard time figuring out the proportions as I find contradicting opinions, I have read that it should be 1/3 protein 1/3 carbs & 1/3 Vegs, but other vets recommend 60% should be protein & 20% veggies 20% Carbs, , of course I contacted my vet right away but sadly he never took my calls, answered my messages or my emails, very strange because he’s been a very good Dr & I have recommended him to many people, but I guess if not making money out of a phone call or email not important, I guess I shouldn’t judge, anyways what is your opinion on this? I purchased Dr’s Pitcairn’s complete guide to natural health for dogs & cats book, very informative & he addresses how to alter the diet according to dogs age & condition, but providing that we’re talking about a healthy young dog & parting from there what is your opinion about the ratios? Also i have heard that adding bone meal powder & pulverized egg shells in the right amounts is beneficial for your dog, what is your opinion on this?

  24. Every vet should have complete a nutritional education just like doctors nowadays..hard to find a good one

  25. *this is the most stupid video i have watched ever. you claim youre a vet but you say raw diet is terrible and did you actually say IT IS BETTER TO COOK MEAT FOR DOGS??? **16:51** BAHAHAHHA if youre a vet and you dont know the problem to your sentence, you are stupid. i dont even wanna apologize for that. the only people i feel sorry for are the people who are actually gullibe to believe you. but yeah dont mind me.*

  26. Hey man I saw your video about raw food, and I remember being upset. Because I hear all of these things about kibble being bad. Not just from online celebrities, but also Marty Goldstein, The guy that makes Nutro Thrive(forgot his name), and Karen Becker(I would like to hear you tell me what you think about them). Who are all vets, and agree that kibble is bad for dogs. Tells me that maybe what people are saying about raw isn’t too far-fetched. Now I’m not the type to just believe right away (at least I try not to). Generally I just take it with a grain of salt, because I’m not going to buy the product. But one day I plan on owning a dog, and I think it’s important to educate myself about as much as I can. Now I don’t agree with being mean to vets. They’re just advocating for what they believe in like you are with raw food. The same thing just a different side. Now whether, or not a raw food diet is healthier for animals for not. I need to do more research on(if I don’t feel too lazy), but right now I’m going to feed freeze dried raw. Which has the benefits of raw food, but without the risks.

  27. I’m sorry that people were rude to you, if they didn’t have the same opinion than just agree to disagree. Sorry you went through that

  28. How about to show some ingredience in common cat and dog dry foods and explain what is a good part and what is not.
    Let’s concentrate on cats – carnivores. And tell us, how much Taurine is still left in dry kibbles, teach us how to count carbs percentage and explain WHY carnivores have to have SO MUCH CARBS.

  29. People who said you were paid for it were looking for explanation.
    They could not believe it that it could be just a stupidity.

    What do you think pets were fed just short time ago? Before dry junk started to be produced?

  30. Why are you apologizing? You were still in school and the video was entertaining while being informative. Thanks for the content and information.

  31. I now feed Science Diet to my dog and cats.
    I used to feed "holistic grain free" food until my dog was diagnosed with DCM last year.
    People trust your vets.
    My vet saved my dogs life.

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