Video explaining raw food for labradoodle puppies

Video explaining raw food for labradoodle puppies

Claire will walk you through the different components of raw feeding for your labradoodle puppy.

Learn the different forms and types of raw food that is recommended for your labradoodle.

Explanations of how to calculate the amount to feed, what to feed, how often to feed and why raw food is good for your labradoodle.

Claire also discusses appropriate supplements to use when feeding raw food to your puppy.

Watch the explanation of feeding raw bones to your labradoodle puppy . Learn how often to feed raw bones. Learn why raw bones are important for your labradoodle .

Explanations about why raw food is safe when handled correctly, different packaging of raw food, the right size and type of bones , what proteins are good for labradoodles and why bones are not good for dogs eating a kibble diet.

Find out why diet is important to avoid ear infections, itchy skin and butt scooting

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  1. Many thanks Claire! Answered a lot of my questions– including the consequences of too much calcium!! Great video!

  2. Hi Claire! I have been giving my boys fish oil since they were puppies but if the hemp seed oil is better I would like to try it. Can you tell me where you purchase it from? I am on the east coast and it looks like they do not carry THRIVE in our local stores.

  3. Hi Claire sorry for the late comment how much more does it cost to give your dog a raw food diet or is a mixed diet good to? sorry I’m just a poor collage student with a doodle of my own. One more thing she is about 65 lbs but both her parents are 50 do you know why this happen?

  4. Great video Claire. Thanks for all the helpful info. Is there a specific protein of smack that you recommend over others? We have been offering pork, which Ruby loves however pork doesn’t agree with our other dog so it’s not ideal to be using as treats etc… Also you mention Salmon a lot. Is this the prefer fish type? How is trout?

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