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  1. IVORY123100 on June 13, 2022 at 3:00 am

    I’d say " You gotta be kidding me " but as screwed up as many are today .. I got recall anyone paying for my Cream of Wheat .. which was breakfast , lunch and dinner .. When I bicycled 22 miles a day to wash dishes for 3.35 an hour .. and after taxes " Which pays for these programs " I was left with 98.00 to live on .. How much I would have loved to have a pet in those times .. Someone to come home and love on and love me .. Priorities .. It sounds like a wonderful idea and I would be all for it if Manna fell from the sky . The mentality today is " Make someone else pay for what I want or what I deserve " .. Just the other day someone I know posted to my Facebook a meme " Can’t put it in your own words " .. with a sad looking dog .. " Why pay a 1000 for a pedigree when shelters have animals for free " .. I responded .. Today I paid 800 for a Cocker Spaniel puppy but yet I have 2 rescues .. a cat and another dog I love … What does that make me ??.. Silence was the response .. The shaming didn’t work .. . When I was struggling years ago .. I never had children .. Reason is .. I didn’t want a child to be potentially going through hardship with me .. I knew homelessness , I knew what it like living in a car , I knew what it was like to starve .. many of these petition signators more than likely are used to a system a government that provides for them and it’s a natural order to say " pay for my pet ! .. In a perfect world .. I would love to see everyone enjoy now what I experience .. The licks and kisses of a pet .. but combining that idea that someone else should pay for it is absurd .. As much as I love animals .. I would rather see my charity used for a Children’s Hospital .. If you have the means to help others pay for another’s dog food .. Do it !! .. If a friend that was in need .. and couldn’t feed his animal .. I will !! ..I see it as a slippery slope .. How far will it go ? .. A goldfish is someones pet ..An organ grinder’s monkee is a pet . someone that own a flea circus .. that flea is important to him .. The birds of the air .. neither do they sow nor reap .. and your Heavenly father feeds them .. How much more are you than them ?" .. Complain to Bezo’s , Zuckerburg and Gates .. They have enough to feed every giraffe and gazelle on this earth .. They have enough to feed everyone in America for a year..

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