Visited Houston SPCA A Second Time To Look For Cassie’s Brother!! (Did We Adopt Again?!?)

Visited Houston SPCA A Second Time To Look For Cassie’s Brother!! (Did We Adopt Again?!?)

We re-visited Houston SPCA to see if Cassie’s brother was still there! Luckily he was adopted! But we once again fell in love! This time with an Australian Cattle dog!

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  1. Just so you know when you see a lot of empty kennels, it means they put down a big group of dogs to make room for more dogs coming in. I worked at a shelter for a short time and quickly quit when I found out what really goes on.

  2. "It’s like a Labrador… oh, a retriever." -_- Labrador’s are retrievers that’s kind of why they call it a Labrador retriever.

  3. Aw I feel so bad for that Labrador retriever mix Maggie for $55 I hope she has found a loving home now and every dog should and not go to a killer

  4. I would love to know how you like the Australian cattle dog by now? They can be a really challenging dog to have.

  5. What about the big dogs? 🙁 they don’t even have homes all the younger dogs get all the attention and people walk through the older dogs not realizing they wait for years just to get a home or never… 🙁 if I could I would adopt a older dog but I already have two older dogs

  6. I know this is supposed to be a happy video.
    But my heart cry for all the older dogs. It is so painful looking at them. Some of them looked like they have given up. The one who just lied down with back to the pple…or the one who just are all quit and do’nt move.
    From now one i recognize that this videos are not for me. It is to painful. I will always watch when older dogs get a home, tho. It is not that i don’t like puppy getting a home…but they always do. It is the old dog that gives me heartache . So i will watch older dog being adopted…
    Because it gives me a hope that some of them really get a second chance for being loved.

    (Sorry for any wrongspelling or bad grammar. Still in learning)

  7. It’s okay if they are just puppies and they are separated they aren’t like humans who will be heart broken their whole lives because they were separated young. If they were older that would be one thing because then they would remember them and probably be more likely to be sad

  8. you really should have got an older dog instead of another puppy, as you saw puppies get adopted immediately, also i feel that raising two puppies isnt going to be easy (been through it before) its harder to train them both and if one continues being trouble the other may also become trouble (had it happen with ours we had a puppy and got another a bit after and it set his training back to zero not to mention we had to litter train them both, if you got a older dog it can help with teaching the younger as older dogs are normally more chilled and the dog may have already been potty trained and again you would be stopping that dog from being put down, that rottie? that retriever?maggie(more likely for her as she is 5)? could be put down by now also i cant help but think that not all of those pens are empty because they were adopted, some of them may have got put down and thats why its so empty.

  9. you should have adopted the older dogs the puppy will probably get adopted and the two Australian cattle dogs were playing not fighting

  10. I had a dog named Lexi. So sweet. Those ears!
    I know y’all wish y’all could’ve taken all of them.

  11. Fair warning there is more likely to be aggression between the 2 females. Better to have gotten a male dog and bring the puppy with you next time so they can meet. I used to volunteer at a shelter and we’ve seen it happen too many times where the animal gets returned because of "aggression" but they still are great family dogs. Fair warning.

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