Visiting a MASSIVE Cat Shelter!

Visiting a MASSIVE Cat Shelter!

Come with me inside the Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center in St. Louis, Missouri–home to more than 250 adorable, adoptable felines!

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  1. This looks like a safe and caring place to board cats until they can be adopted. It looks very well organized and clean.
    It looks like a lot of work! I hope they have lots of trained volunteers.
    I love all the catification in the rooms. You can get good ideas of how to set up your home for a cat or two.
    It’s nice to have all one type of animal. I bet it’s a lot quieter without the dogs!
    I wonder if there is an outdoor space for the cats and peoples to get some fresh air, sunshine, and grass to nibble on.
    And do they have coffee? And catnip?

    I think it would be fun if there could be a space to hold tea parties or small birthday parties with a few of the cats. Or, maybe have birthday parties FOR the cats!

  2. I live in the U.K and if I heard right the one named Puffin would definatly be my furbaby if I were living closeby, just because his enegy is so infectous. I hope they get adopted soon so they can lavish their love on their adopted humans.

  3. I’d love to adopt from them but they’re too far away. Had to say bye to my elderly kitty girl late last year. Haven’t been able to stand the idea of replacing her so I’m still without a cat and I do miss having kitties.

  4. This place reminds me a lot of Cat Depot in Sarasota, Florida. I used to volunteer there before I moved to Texas. I think you’d love it! I certainly miss it but I swing by whenever I go visit my family.

  5. Fun fact: we get cats that has had a rough time or a disabled. We have 3 cats. Our second one was the last of its litter to be adopted because she would hiss when scared and is super shy but it a huge softy and loving cat. Our third cat was left outside the cold rain, but we luckily got him and he’s super sweet and we also learned he was weaned too early. We may get a fourth that has a leg missing or something. When I’m older, I will foster. Not neonates but weaned or weaning cats. I would also love to make a place where disabled cats (like a missing eye) can stay if nobody wants them. Cats are a huge part of life

  6. I hope this shelter inspires other people to go the same. They also need security alarms and cameras, and fire proofing just in case, and I really hope it’s safe and very secure.

  7. I think it would be cool to have a massive 5 acre outdoor cat enclosure with trees a cat barn for a shelter so they can escape bad weather

  8. I ve been growing a cat rescue shelter since 2012.. Started with one now in 2019 I have 5 cats …only thing is I moved out from the place I had them and now im trying to see where I can move them I got like 0 Help! And the place I live now is a small room…. They are all indoor if someone can help me help them. Heres their Instagram page @losgachitos

  9. My dad and my parents have 5 acres. How can we obtain funds to build a rescue center? There would be plenty of individuals to care for the cats during the weekend and my.parents 24/7 during the week with option to employ others and volunteers. It would be located in Minnesota. People are always throwing kittens on this road, nature Avenue and my dad is the original cat man. I’ve got photos of him in the 1950s with kittens everywhere and he always had a cat. They have 6 cats. Slick is 20 and I hope he makes it so I can say goodbye.

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