VLOG | Day in the Life | Matt and Ky Adopt a Dog | Meet Cali | Fidel Gastro

VLOG | Day in the Life | Matt and Ky Adopt a Dog | Meet Cali | Fidel Gastro

Doglovers everywhere, this vlog is for you. After much consideration Matt and Kyla decide to take the plunge and adopt a furry friend from Redemption Paws. In this vlog we get to see just exactly how much a pet like Cali can enrich the lives of the people that choose to adopt.

Did you know that approximately 42.5 million households in the United States own one or more dogs and that the total number of dogs in the country is actually in excess of 73 million? Canada, in contrast, has approximately 6 million pet dogs and in Western Europe there are approximately a total of 43 million pet dogs. The biggest pet dog populations in that region are in France with 8.8 million, while both Italy and Poland each have around 7.5 million, and the United Kingdom has 6.8 million pet dogs. In Eastern Europe, Russia has around 12 million pet dogs while the Ukraine has about 5.1 million. As you can see canines have a strong foothold on the world.

Since the dawn of civilization dogs have been at man’s side. Hounds were especially helpful at tracking down game and many other breeds functioned well in the role of protector. Sheepdogs were a godsend for Shephards, keeping a flock in line is a full time job after all. In Germany Rottweilers were used as guard dogs for the butcher’s wares for many years. As time progressed and more dog breeds were developed each breed took on a specific function, as many of you are no doubt aware.

For years man has puzzled over the exact origin of our canine companions and the greatest scientific minds in the world have come the the conclusion the dogs orginated from wolves domesticated in Europe between 19,000 and 32,000 years ago. The general consensus prior to this was that dogs had originated from China. What turned the tide? New DNA evidence recently uncovered paints a different picture than we had initially surmised as to the appearance of the first dogs.

Regardless of how these wonderful creatures came to be among us one thing is certain, it’s a good thing they did. After much planning and a fair amount of deliberation Matt and Kyla make a big move and decide to adopt thier very own furry friend. As it turns out their adopted pet is in fact one half shephard and one half black mouth cur. You can see the distinctive markings on the dogs face that are the hallmark of the black mouth cur. Both of these breeds are known for being intelligent herd dogs capable of policing a flock and performing other tasks on the farm that are essential.

Matt and Kyla don’t have a farm, or any livestock, which means their new pet may very well try to herd them instead. As this vlog opens up we see Matt and Ky waiting on an approval email from Redemption Paws letting them know they can come pick up thier new dog. Filled with excitement and a bit nervous the couple heads to the park to meet with thier new companion and offers up a delectable jerky snack. Matt and Ky chose to rename their new animal, as many adopters often do. The name chosen was Cali, which is short for California and arguably one of the sunniest places on the planet. They wanted a name to reflect the personality of their pet and in this case it’s a perfect fit.

We learn shortly after seeing footage of Matt and Cali playing together that she was in a kill shelter and had been rescued by Redemption Paws. Matt relays that it was emotional picking her up knowing what could have become of her if no one had intervened. Matt and Ky continually relay thier excitement about bringing the animal into their lives. They recommend getting pets from places like Redemption Paws as many of them are rescues and face a grim fate if they aren’t spoken for.

To say that Matt and Ky are exceedingly pleased to have this canine in their family would be an understatement, a fact which you can clearly see throughout this video.

As always thank you for watching. If you happen to be a dog owner please put your pet’s name in the comments section. Also, if you aren’t already please take just a moment to subscribe to the channel to ensure you don’t miss new content as it becomes available.



  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a little tiny dog myself. They are just so barky usually. Looks like you found a winner 🙂

  2. Your puppy is adorable,but a tip is to look into homemade dog treats because some store bought treats can be harmful to dogs. Some of the recipes only call for like 2-3 ingredients

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